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Domestic Violence Proceedings in New Jersey: Criminal and Family Court Perspectives

1h 18m

Created on July 30, 2019




New Jersey's Prevention of Domestic Violence Act ("PDVA") is one of the most expansive domestic violence statutes in the nation. The PDVA expanded the judicial system's response to domestic violence by establishing the family court restraining order process. Family court restraining orders offer a parallel proceeding for victims of domestic violence to seek reliefs, which supplement the protections offered to victims by the criminal court proceedings against their abusers.

Practitioners in this area must be well-versed in both the family and criminal court implications of domestic violence proceedings. This program, presented by Shari Lee Genser of Seiden Family Law, LLC and Georgina Giordano Pallitto of Pallitto Law, LLC, will introduce attorneys to the criminal and family court perspectives on domestic violence.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define domestic violence according to the New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act
  2. Distinguish between the criminal and family court actions arising out of domestic violence incidents in New Jersey
  3. Offer practical advice to clients at any stage of these proceedings

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