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Digging Deeper at Tort Depositions

1h 1m

Created on August 15, 2019




Digging for the facts at a tort deposition is more important than ever. Plaintiff's counsel must try to maximize the value, reserve for a case, and prevent or defeat a possible summary judgment motion. At the same time, defense counsel is trying to minimize the value of a case, shake up the plaintiff, and eliminate claims, or even set the stage for dismissal.

It is no longer enough to ask basic and routine questions. It is necessary to dig deeper when questioning and, for counsel defending a torts deposition, to adequately prepare their client to answer deeper questions.

In this program, presented by experienced practitioner Kenneth Landau, you will learn probing questions and examine how to dig deeper after the usual answers. This program will give you the keys to doing so, so you are in a position to unlock information important to your case. Discussion topics will include common tort scenarios such as the tort scene investigation, distracted while driving, pre-existing conditions, and post-accident consequences.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop strategies for carefully listening to answers to form the basis for follow-up questions
  2. Expand your deposition with precise questions
  3. Explore prior accidents, claims, and injuries during your depositions
  4. Prepare your client to discuss prior claims and accidents during depositions
  5. Identify how to question parties completely about the increasing range of distractions

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