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Developing Your Narrative At Trial & Delivering a Compelling Closing Argument

1h 15m

Created on June 22, 2019




Delivering a compelling closing argument closes the deal at trial and leads to victory, but putting together a cogent, riveting, and persuasive closing argument starts well before it is actually presented. This program, taught by nationally recognized defense attorney Joey Jackson, will teach the steps necessary to lay the foundation for a winning closing argument, culminating with an effective delivery.  

Before the trial even begins, the skillful advocate is mindful of the opportunity that motions in limine present in excluding unfavorable evidence. During jury selection, the jurors must be conditioned to the strengths and weaknesses of the advocate's case, making jurors more receptive to reasonable arguments. Thereafter, during the trial, each line of inquiry on direct examination should further the advocate's narrative. Similarly, on cross examination, the questions should be designed to minimize harmful facts and highlight those that further your theory of the case. The closing argument enables the advocate to pull their theory together - putting the most favorable evidence before the jury. In doing so, adverse evidence must be minimized and explained. Exhibits that advance the cause of victory must be highlighted and emblazoned in the minds of jurors. These include documents, photos, video, audio, portions of the highlighted trial transcript, and anything else that educates the jury in a favorable way.

In short, this course teaches the advocate how to develop their case throughout trial, build towards and deliver exceptional closing arguments, and win the case.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the significance of preparation, and the importance of anticipation in making your closing argument a winner
  2. Detail why motions in limine, jury selection, and direct and cross Examinations are key to an exceptional closing argument
  3. Explain the significance of exhibits, testimony, and other evidence in achieving victory
  4. Reveal effective delivery techniques
  5. Deliver effective and winning closing arguments

This course originally appeared as a part of our June 2019 Bridge the Gap Event. 

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