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Developing and Implementing Strategies for Trademark Enforcement and Brand Protection


Created on October 26, 2016



This course, led by Owen J. McKeon, a partner in the IP and Litigation Groups of FisherBroyles LLC, focuses on how best to create and implement a comprehensive strategy for brand protection and trademark enforcement. A successful brand not only sells more goods or services but allows a company to stop competitors from benefiting from the goodwill and reputation of the company that developed the brand and the brand itself. In this day and age, a successful trademark attorney would best be described as a "brand attorney," especially as every entrepreneur and company is working to develop a brand that becomes well known to their target audience of consumers. While most businesses go through an exhaustive process of selecting a trademark and registering it prior to introducing it as a "brand," many falter when it comes to ensuring exclusive use in commerce as they fail to police the mark and enforce their trademark rights to ensure the value and prestige of their exclusive brand.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how to develop and implement practical and cost-effective strategies to protect clients' brands from infringers and counterfeiters
  2. Learn the nuts and bolts of enforcement, including strategies for monitoring the brand in the market and investigating infringers and counterfeiters
  3. Analyze the pros and cons of sending cease and desist letters to identified infringers and counterfeiters
  4. Discuss approaches to instituting formal legal action, be it by way of civil litigation or a referral for criminal prosecution
  5. Develop creative strategies for brand protection when a client's budget is minimal

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