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Demystifying EB-5 as We Move Through 2016

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Produced on: April 29, 2016

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Time 60 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

EB-5 is an extremely complex area of immigration law, with many moving parts both within immigration and outside of the specific field. The EB-5 application process can be very intimidating, even to the most seasoned attorneys. There are conflicting considerations and dual representation issues to consider as well as multiple steps that require professional assistance in order to successfully secure an EB-5 Visa. Understanding these steps and working with a team of highly-qualified EB-5 professionals is crucial to success in the EB-5 arena.


Join immigration attorney and EB-5 expert Lauren Cohen as she shares her experiences in this program. She discusses the background as well as the likely future of EB-5, particularly in light of the many peaks and valleys during the past year, and the expected changes in the coming months as a major part of the program faces a sunset date in September. Lauren helps you to understand how to assist your developer and business owner clients to get into EB-5, what is involved in vetting projects before they enter the EB-5 arena and consider raising capital through this program and the differences between regional center cases and direct investment, or non-RC cases. In this, Lauren helps to explain the differences between the goals of investors seeking investments in each of the program's main options and the typical investment structure. The central theme of her presentation will be on walking practitioners through the EB-5 maze and helping to make the navigation process as simple and painless as possible with tools that she and her team have developed.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand the basics of EB-5, including its historical relevance 

II.    Consider recent developments and likely future changes to the EB-5 program 

III.   Identify the different types of EB-5 

IV.   Recognize whether your investor client can qualify for EB-5 and if your business client will benefit from EB-5 and determine which of the different forms of EB-5 investment models are best for your client 

V.    Comprehend the EB-5 legal requirements, including job creations, investment thresholds, and the conditional green card and permanent residency (removal of conditions) stage 

VI.   Appreciate dual representation issues—is a waiver enough?

VII.  Grasp different EB-5 procedures, such as: (a) investors vs (b) developers/business owners


Lauren Cohen, an attorney licensed in the US and Canada, is the Founder of e-Council Inc., which offers professional concierge-level strategic solutions across a broad spectrum of business categories for U.S. businesses seeking to raise capital and international clients seeking business visas and entrée to the U.S. market. As a nationally-recognized expert in the field, Lauren is a frequent local, regional and national speaker and guest lecturer, Lauren has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and on NPR, the Palm Beach Post, The Real Deal and countless other media.  

Serving as the concierge to companies seeking turnkey legal and professional solutions, e-Council Inc’s stellar track record speaks for itself. The e-Council team works tirelessly to ensure that every client is not only satisfied with the work product, but also successful in achieving their goals.

Prior to launching e-Council Inc., Lauren obtained her J.D. from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, and went on to secure licenses to practice in both Canada and the United States. After practising law for nearly 20 years as corporate counsel working with various healthcare, financial services, through which she honed her business acumen and expertise, Lauren founded e-Council Inc. As an immigrant, and now citizen of the United States, Lauren has had personal experience with the visa process e-Council Inc. was created to support. She is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Invest in the USA, EB-5 Investors, and numerous community and professional organizations. 

Because she believes fiercely in the importance of giving back, Lauren attaches a social component to everything she does. In 2013, she lost her beloved father and hero to ALS, one of the most profound events in her life, second only to the birth of her son in 2010. These events drive her volunteer and philanthropic work, which includes significant financial and other types of support for Israel, the Jewish Federation, local synagogues and the ALS Association. e-Council Inc. also sponsors a variety of events in support of Lauren’s charitable goals. 

In the rare moments when she has spare time, Lauren enjoys reading, travelling, working out/swimming, and spending time with family and friends. She also tries to learn something new each week by attending events, participating in classes, and a variety of hands-on learning activities. Three of her favorite sayings are “If you can dream it, you can do it,” (Disney) and “If you will it, it is no dream.” (Herzl) and “Quality is much better than Quantity” (Steve Jobs).


Mohammed Z.

great program

Steven S.


Arthur O.

Great course!

Michael A.

Presenter has a lot of experiences she freely shared which really helped

tina w.

very knowledgeable speaker in a complex area

Jonathan W.

Whew, this is a complex area! I think the presenter was very effective but the topic is just really tough. Still, I knew nothing about this coming in and now I have a little better understanding.

Raymond Z.

Very Informative. Nice use of slides and tables to illustrate the EB-5 process.

Craig B.

This was only a small snapshot of a MUCH larger topic, but it was well presented. Thank you for NOT reading your slides. I will look for other topics by Ms Cohen.

Harmony M.

Prior knowledge is a must. Complicated topic.

Kitty L.

This seminar is so great!

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