Advocating for Clients in Federal Court

Production Date: August 19, 2014 Practice Areas: Litigation Estimated Length: 3685 minutes


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With a uniform set of national rules, Federal Courts provide an opportunity for litigators from any part of the country to comfortably file or defend lawsuits in any state. A politically insulated judiciary and expedited trial schedules make the federal system a (generally) fair and (usually) fast method of resolving disputes. 


Attorney Nolan Klein, Esq. discusses the basics of federal litigation, including the pros and cons of filing in Federal Court, little known discovery rules, and procedural tools needed to effectively advocate in federal court cases.


Learning Objectives: 

I.   Understand when a case can be filed in (or removed to) Federal Court (federal question and diversity jurisdiction)  

II.  Grasp the basics and background of federal pleading practice:

  • Pleading facts following the Ashcroft case
  • attacking Article III jurisdiction
  • facial vs. factual attacks on pleadings

III. Gain familiarity with federal discovery rules

IV. Navigate the phases of a scheduling order from Rule 26 conference through trial  




Julia R.
Seattle, WA

This course was one of the best I've watched yet on Lawline. Very good presentation.

John J.
Syracuse, NY


Ra'Shaun K.
Brooklyn, NY

Great program!

Joseph K.
Farmingdale, NY

Nice primer on civil practice in federal court, especially from a defense perspective.

S.A. M.
Atlanta, GA

Good course

Philip W.
Albany, CA

Excellent overview of Federal Procedure

Joan F.
Glens Falls, NY

Succint overview

Raymond K.
Bedford, NY

Good coverage of an important subject area

William D.
tallahassee, FL

Straightforward and good program.

James W.
Milano, TX

Flowed well.

Bernard P.
O'Brien, FL

one of the best presentations

Bruce H.
Miami, FL

Excellent presentation...very good speaker...

Patricia W.
Sag Harbor, NY

Great program.

Russell B.
Norfolk, VA

I would highly recommend this course.

Peter K.
Purcellville, VA

Very informational, easy to understand. Fantastic presentation.

Cynthia A. R.
Boca Raton, FL

very good, fast paced and informative

Thomas C.
Alexandria, VA

Excellent speaker with a wealth of knowledge.

TeriMichelle J.
Chesapeake, VA

Great CLE ! Procedural refresher course and good strategy tips

William R.
La Plata, MD

Good program

michael g.
Jacksonville, FL

Interesting course that was a good learning tool for even a seasoned attorney with federal court experience.

Carolina M.
Miami Lakes, FL

easy to follow

Robert S.
Bradenton, FL


Thomas J.
Tampa, FL

good for federal court practitioners

Isaac T.
Katy, TX

Very informative.

Vanessa O.
Sarasota, FL

Great speaker!

Robin B.
Arlington, VA

Helpful summary.

Robert S.
Chicago, IL

nicely presented.

Neal T.
Loxahatchee, FL

Mr. Klein is one of the best presenters you have.

Thomas J. A.
Jupiter, FL

Good material

Marie C.
Charlotte, NC

Very good course. Well organized, good speaker.

Maria Y.
Morrisville, PA

Very helpful overview of litigating in Federal Court

Barbara W.
Osprey, FL

excellent presenter

Donna R.
Lutherville-Timonium, MD

Well done!

Jennifer S.
Miami Beach, FL

I litigated a case with Nolan about 6 years ago, so it was very cool to see him, now, as a lecturer. Well done!

Robert G L.
Clearwater, FL

Good review.

Ramiro C.
Austin, TX

Excellent presentation!

James J.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

very knowledgeable presenter.

Howard N.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Excellent presentation

Elizabeth S.
Charlotte, NC

Very useful refresher on the basics of federal court practice!

Eric C.
Miami, FL

Enjoyed it very much

Quinn L.
Lanham, MD

The description of the course should have stated that the large portion of time spent on pleadings, etc. was focused on defensive responses.

lawrence g.
Leawood, KS

typos and the oral correction were distracting

Karyl K.
Scottsdale, AZ

A little less on late filings. 20 minutes is a lot.

Lewis S.
Manhattan, NY

Speaker was excellent. The slides were very informative.

Beth M.
Orinda, CA

Knowledgeable speaker, concise and helpful presentation

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gainesville, FL

Good primer course on Federal jurisdiction.

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lots of material...covered them all very well

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Manhattan, NY

Speaker was knowledgeable and also was able to impart practical advice

Jerry S.
Killeen, TX

very good review of Fed procedure

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New York, NY

Nolan Klein is very good

Lawrence R.
Ridgefield, CT

Well done. Crisp and Clean. Covers a lot of the basics and gives lots of practical tips.

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Informative as to the essentials in defending a Federal lawsuit

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Solid grasp of the subject matter!

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