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Debriefing and Protests in Federal Government Contracts

1h 32m

Created on October 20, 2016




The source selection process is extremely competitive in today's federal contracting market. As a result, many solicitations ultimately involve bid protests. These protests require complex legal analyses, under extremely short deadlines. Therefore, a thorough understanding of the protest process, including the legal issues commonly involved in that process, are vital to success. And a successful protest can mean the difference between getting a contract or losing that contract to a competitor.  

In this session, all aspects of the protest process will be covered including when and where to file your protest, as well as strategies for maximizing your chances for a positive outcome. Learn how a contractor can use debriefings and protests as an affirmative tool to get the contract it wants. This session will also cover how contractors can defend against protests brought by their competitors.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the basics of protesting government contract awards including when and where to file protests
  2. Acquire strategies for maximizing positive outcomes with your protest
  3. Lean how to use debriefings and protests as affirmative tools to receive government contracts
  4. Obtain the skills to defend against protests brought by other government contractors

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