Deal Structuring: A Case Study on Tax and Legal Issues in Buying and Selling a Business

Production Date: July 28, 2015 Practice Areas: Tax Law and Business, Corporate, & Securities Law Estimated Length: 3665 minutes


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Buying and selling a business is never an easy task. Tax issues regarding depreciation recapture, personal goodwill, estate tax issues, gift tax issues and even ordinary income tax issues arise in every deal. Picking the right entity structure, structuring the deal properly and other legal matters also arise. Dr. Basi adopts a case study approach to address these items and more.


Learning Objectives: 

I. Grasp considerations including:

  • Cash to Accrual Accounting 
  • Amended Returns 
  • Personal Goodwill 
  • Equity Structure 
  • Research and Development Credit

II. Gain familiarity with: 

  • S Corporation 2% Rule 
  • Built-In Gains 
  • Small Corporation Exclusion 
  • Limited Liability Companies

III. Understand the applicability of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act



Michael L.
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great overview

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Santa Barbara, CA

I really like the speakers energy and enthusiam

Andrea R.
East Islip, NY

Dr. Basi is terrific ! Every one of his courses are well presented and easy to understand. I always come away with knowledge that will help me in my practice , knowing where to turn if I need to explore the issue in greater detail. He is, hands down, one of my favorite presenters !

Roger L.
Roseville, CA

Dr. Basi was very informative. Presented tax issues in an understandable fashion.

jeffrey h.
Birmingham, AL

excellent presentation

Dennis H.
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Asa always, this particular instructor is interesting and informative.

Lorenzo L.
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This was an exceptionally well organized and presented lecture.

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Dr. Bart gives his usual great presentation!

Tom G.
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Great reminder of how tax consequences can make a deal.

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Very glad I took this course. Excellent.

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Excellent course with a highly knowledgable instructor.

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Very good program.

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Very good presentation.,

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Virginia beach, va, VA

Excellent course . Very informative

James L H.

A very professional treatment of an extraordinarily complex area of business law. Exceptionally well done.

Andrew S.
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Excellent program! Would recommend to any lawyer who regularly deals with sales of businesses.

Francine D. W.
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Robert N.
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I learn more from Bart than anyone. Another outstanding CLE.

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Bart is very informative in a short period of time.

Janine F.
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very good presenter

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very pleased

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A very knowledgeable and articulate presenter. I enjoyed it.

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Very good faculty presenter.

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Excellent. More Bart Basi!

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Extremely useful content for non-tax attorneys. Well worth the time.

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Excellent presentation. Definitely hit the high point without getting lost in details. Example cases were very helpful.

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Chris J.
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Always love Dr. Bart and his case studies.

Stephanie G.
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Just wow! That is all.

Catherine A. C.
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I enjoyed the presentation of the material based on case studies.

jack b.
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great overview...many excellent points...

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Great presenter

Maxwell Z.
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Very good.

Joslyn W.
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Excellent...would like a longer program on the same topics!

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Excellent presentation. Mr. Basi is a top notch presenter.

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Excellent program...

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Best presenter on Lawline that I have experienced

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One of the best and most important seminars i have ever attended.

Tracy B.
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practical examples of deal structuring issues and resolution.

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Great speaker, i would take all his cle's

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bart is the most interesting speaker you have

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Extremely informative. So much so that I'll probably watch a second time so ALL the information sinks in!

Kenneth Wade C.
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outstanding course and speaker

Diane M.
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Could easily have spent more time on this subject with this speaker. He is very knowledgeable and clear in his presentation.

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Mr. Basi is the best! Love his lectures.

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Very lively. Good real world examples.

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