Cybersecurity and CyberTech Skills Attorneys Need to Know

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Produced on: June 25, 2017

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Time 75 minutes
Difficulty Beginner

This course will take a special look at law and technology as it pertains to the intersection of cybersecurity, cybercrime, privacy, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. These seemingly diverse topics have a natural convergence with respect to the new wave practice of law. For example, we have recently seen many malware attacks and hacks into large law firms, which have forced these firms to pay Bitcoin (cryptocurrency) ransoms to rescue their data. A recent hacking incident involved Chinese inside traders who broke into two of the most famous law firms, compromising confidential information about Wall Street banks and Fortune 500 companies in matters including lawsuits and multibillion-dollar merger negotiations.

This program, taught by noted cybersecurity consultant Joe Bambara, will cover the blockchain technology underlying Bitcoin, and introduce "smart contracts" which require lawyers to be able to code agreements that will execute on the blockchain. These technology trends are rapidly changing the way banking, business and legal transactions are done in the global marketplace.

All law firms and attorneys are ethically required to understand the risks and preventative steps to promote cybersecurity within their organizations, thereby preventing and mitigating the effect of cybercrime. This program will explore best practices in cybersecurity, as well as cryptocurrencies, the underlying blockchain technology, and smart contracts.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Analyze the latest trends in privacy, cybersecurity and cybercrime
  2. Understand cryptocurrency, including the underlying blockchain technology
  3. Identify why attorneys need to be technologists to survive in the coming decade

This course originally appeared as a part of our June 2017 Bridge the Gap Event.


Joseph J. Bambara


Joseph J Bambara, Esq., CIPP/US has a private practice as Counsel for law firms as well as affiliate marketing, media and technology firms. He is expert in developing blockchain ICO’s, business organization, privacy policy, trademark/copyright applications, notice and compliance, eDiscovery and cyberSecurity for media, advertising, retailing and big data, as well as software licensing/ contracting for all platforms (enterprise, mobile, and client). He is expert in legal compliance with State and Federal laws, including ECPA, HIPAA, COPPA, CAN-SPAM, TCPA and DMCA. He is the co-chair of the New York County Lawyers Association Law and Technology Committee.In a parallel career, he is an Entrepreneur/Technologist for architectural and software development firms. He has experience with experience in blockchain, cyber security, banking, financial, manufacturing, healthcare and legal applications. He is the author of “Blockchain: A Practical Guide to Developing Business, Law, and Technology Solutions” as well as 10 other internationally published books on software development covering the Blockchain, Java, SQL and related technologies.


Robert S.

Excellent presentation. The best I have viewed on your site.

Adam P.

Excellent and extremely informative

Ravitta B.

THe presenter was excellent. He engaged me and presented the information in an easy to understand fashion. i'm actually excited about block chain technology !

John S.

Absolutely eye-opening! Thank you!

Richard W.

Outstanding! This information is cutting edge.

John B.

Mr. Bambera was an informed and engaging presenter.

Scott E.

excellent knowledge- great speaker

Lance R.

Interesting information

stephen p.

very informative

Stuart Z.

seat of the pants

Shaun E.

very informative and great presenter

Ron V.

Good practical information provided in this course.

John S.

very interesting speaker

Leigh S.

This program was extremely interesting and informative.


Most interesting course I've taken on Lawline!

Wayne W.

The instructor and the course materials were/are excellent.

Daniel A.

Best presentation I have seen in 30 years. Finally someone who is on top of a trend and can explain without it sounding like a law review exercise.

Lloyd W.

Very informative and well-spoken faculty member.

Christine S.

Excellent presenter! Fascinating look into the near future of the cyber world!

steven k.


Dane R.

Joe Bambara is terrific. This course is essential.

Pascal P.

Excellent class

Renee D.

LOVED this presentation! Thanks!

Jonathan H.

Really efficient way of presenting some cutting edge stuff. Never heard blockchain explained so simply, thanks!

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