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Cyber Risk Insurance: Potential Liabilities & Emerging Trends

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Created on August 27, 2019




Data security incidents continue to grab headlines as big companies suffer big breaches of security and millions of records containing valuable personal information and protected health information are disclosed. There is no doubt, however, that businesses of all sizes face the risk of a data security event and the often debilitating effects on operations, customer relations, and ultimately the company's bottom line. Appropriate security and privacy practices and procedures can help mitigate the risk of a security event happening. But if a security event does happen, cyber insurance can provide payment or reimbursement for a wide range of losses that may be incurred.

This program will provide an overview of the emerging trends and potential liability if a data security or privacy event occurs. The program will also review the leading and latest developments in cyber insurance coverage, including policy terms and court decisions, to identify trends and issues of interest to anyone providing advice or counsel to clients in this area.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze emerging trends and potential liability if a data security or privacy event occurs
  2. Review the general scope and availability of potential insurance coverage under cyber policies
  3. Discuss the leading and latest case law on cyber insurance coverage

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