Cutting Edge IP Issues 2016

Production Date: October 24, 2016 Practice Areas: Intellectual Property Law Estimated Length: 5645 minutes


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As the Internet and mobile spaces continue to evolve, infringement of third party rights moves at the speed of light. Barriers to new industry participants’ entry are nearly non-existent. Technology, devices and the bandwidth to use them abound. With just a few clicks, intellectual property can be replicated via a chain reaction, placing potentially dangerous unauthorized content in the hands of those who do not understand the potential consequences for their actions.

What are the standards for infringement liability in these spheres?

How can content owners better protect and enforce their rights?

What pitfalls await as a content owner looks to leverage social media to increase friends, followers and revenues?

Join attorney Joshua Bressler for a sobering look at how perilous the Web 2.0+ and mobile application spaces have become for copyright and trademark owners and users. As the law nobly strives to keep up with trends and developments readily outpacing it, practitioners and clients must do their best to navigate traditional intellectual property principles, social media terms of service and the realities of a vibrant, diverse and fantastic electronic ecosystem.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify and understand some of the hottest intellectual property issues facing practitioners and clients today
  2. Understand trends affecting IP rights in the Web 2.0 and mobile application spaces
  3. Recognize how Internet social media services and their terms of service (TOS) impact IP rights and our ability to enforce them
  4. Understand secondary copyright and trademark liability principles as applied in the Web 2.0 and mobile application spaces
  5. Gain insight on strategies to enhance enforcement of clients’ IP rights
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