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Cultivating Issue-Specific Expert Witnesses

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Produced on November 02, 2016

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Time 1h 32m
Difficulty Intermediate
Topics covered in this course: Litigation

Course Description

The testimony of an expert witness can dramatically affect the way that the trier-of-fact views the evidence presented in a civil case. Simply put, the opinion of your expert often determines whether your client wins, loses or settles. The practice of utilizing individuals who are highly-recommended and have broad knowledge in their field may be adequate, but whether you represent a plaintiff or a defendant in a case requiring expert opinion, it is in your client's best interests to retain an expert witness who is more than merely adequate.

Retaining an expert with hands-on experience with the specific subject matter in issue can give your client a distinct advantage. This normally involves finding individuals who have rarely or never served as experts, but have a greater depth of expertise than a "tried-and-true" generalist. The process may take a bit more time than simply contacting "the usual suspects," but attorneys who seek out and work with issue-specific experts may find that these experts are easier to work with and add more value to their case than more commonly utilized experts. 

This 90-minute seminar, hosted by veteran trial attorney and Montclair State University professor Gary J. Chester, addresses the circumstances in which you should consider cultivating new, issue-specific expert witnesses, what to look for when considering potential candidates, and how and where to find them. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify cases requiring expert opinion
  2. Determining the pros and cons of using a generalist
  3. Identify cases benefitting from issue-specific expert opinion
  4. Locating and vetting potential issue-specific experts

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Gary J. Chester is a New Jersey trial attorney who has been in practice since 1983. He has reported and commented on sports law issues for The New York Times, CNN, ESPN Sportsticker, WFAN, KMOX, Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal, and others. Mr. Chester has served as an adjunct professor at two New Jersey colleges since 2008, where he teaches several courses in law, including The Law of Sports, Entertainment and Tourism. 


Stephen H.

Good presentation, practical advice.

Mark R.

Best issue specific expert was Marissa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny

Julie A. B.

Appreciated the sage advice shared from the talented speaker's real experiences.

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