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Cryptocurrency & Legal Ethics

1h 1m

Created on May 30, 2019





It is hard to open a legal journal or newspaper these days without finding an article discussing blockchain or cryptocurrency. Touted by some as the biggest technological innovation since the development of the internet, and dismissed with skepticism by others, clients who use the technology present both opportunities and risks for lawyers who practice in the space. This program will provide an overview of both the technology itself and the ethical minefields that arise for lawyers whose clients develop and use cryptocurrency, as well as those who wish to accept it for payment.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the basics of blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency – what they are and how they work
  2. Discuss recent crypto-currency related case-law to set the stage for and provide context for ethics discussion
  3. Analyze the applicable ethical rules and guidance from state bars and other governmental authorities

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