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Critical Overview and Updates on Wage and Hour Laws

1h 1m

Created on September 09, 2021





Most clients are either employees or employers who eventually need specialized legal counsel on wages or compensation, hiring or terminations, or complex federal and state statutes and regulations governing the workplace. Many clients are now asking their attorneys whether a worker is to be paid as an employee or a contractor under confusing and ever-changing recent legislation and case law in California and across the nation.

This course, presented by labor and employment attorney Karen Sloat, provides a technical and meaty overview of wage and hour laws, designed for new to intermediate level labor and employment lawyers. Ms. Sloat will provide attendees with tips for spotting hidden legal issues that are often overlooked, advising the above types of clients with accuracy, and negotiating with opposing counsel more intelligently.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the complex issues and rules in wage and hour legislation
  2. Prepare attorneys to advise on multiple types of compensation, classifications, and exemptions
  3. Discuss challenging distinctions between types of workers and compensation that trigger litigation
  4. Identify current authorities and trends in hot wage and hour topics
  5. Provide practical tips and techniques for negotiations and litigation on wage and hour topics

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