Credit and Credit Reports: Practical Information for Attorneys

Production Date: October 22, 2015 Practice Areas: Real Estate Estimated Length: 3643 minutes


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This program, presented by Lawline faculty Daniel Shlufman, teaches attorneys about the various federal laws relating to credit reports and credit reporting. Daniel discusses the practical aspects of these laws as they relate to mortgage financing as well as gives attorneys insights into how credit generally and credit scores specifically affect their clients’ ability to obtain financing for the purchase of a residential property. Finally, this course provides information on the ways that attorneys can assist their clients in repairing their credit to enable them to purchase a home.


Learning Objectives: 

I.     Define credit and credit reporting 

II.    Gain familiarity with the various credit reporting agencies 

III.   Recognize the Federal Laws affecting your client's credit including: 

       - Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) 

       - Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act 

IV.  Comprehend the key issues pertaining to your client's credit scores including: 

       - FICO score and mortgage 

       - Credit Scoring Models 

       - Impacts of Credit Scores 

V.   Repair problems and avoid future ones for your client

Helene R.
New York, NY

well presented and very informative!!

Brian B.
New York, NY

The lecture was informative

Michael J. L.
Plainfield, NJ

Tell Dan he was terrific!!!! Mike Levin

Michael L.
Orland Park, IL

Interesting program with ideas to implement and help clients.

Jeffrey M.
San Carlos, CA

Great info!

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High Springs, FL

Extremely helpful. Very professional .

Cynthia Coulter M.
Monrovia, CA

Great presentation, thanks!!!

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Marietta, GA

Good content

Catherine B.
Wilton, CT

Very good class!

Dennis U.
New Windsor, NY

Very informative!

Christopher D.
Lone Tree, CO

One of the most informative presentations on Lawline

lawrence g.
Leawood, KS

very practical information for anyone dealing with individuals in multiple areas other than debt- the info on the medical providers reporting activities was priceless

Jeri W.
Castle Rock, CO

Very informative for my personal life as well as for clients

Norajean M.
Greenlawn, NY

Informative with practical information.

Linda B.
Weston, CT


Heather M.
Basalt, CO

Really interesting presentation.

George M.
Mt. Vernon, NY

Excellent course. Speaker was very clear with lots of helpful info. Written materials are excellent. One of the best courses I've taken on Lawline.

Richard K.
Elkridge, MD

Outstanding Instructor

Vincent N.
Bedford, NY

Good program

Carlyn C.
Dennisport, MA

Great course.

Amy F.
Buffalo, NY

excellent info

Jessica B.
Springfield, VA

Good course with practical, specific information

Kenneth S.
Wayne, IL

extremely informative!

Chris V.
Geneva, NY

Great content and well delivered

Geoffrey W.
arlington, VA

Extremely helpful and informative presentation. I am going to go home and check my credit as he suggests!

Louis D.
Washington, DC

This course will answer your questions about credit scores and how they are calculated. Worth the time even if you are not practicing in this area

Roya M.
Manhattan, NY

Would love to see a follow up on what to do with credit data in light of the recent Equifax fiasco.

Allan S.
San Antonio, TX

Well done. Very useful.

Randy B.
New York, NY

Great job with this course.

Kimberly J.
Riverhead, NY

Very good speaker, informative.

Lisa L.
Buena Vista, CO

Informative program

Deborah Lynn W.
potomac falls, VA

Best course EVER taken!

Malcolm D.
Humble, TX

Lot of information I had no clue about regarding the way a credit score is calculated.

Emily P.
Greenville, SC

Great information. Thank you!

Barbara L.
Norfolk, VA

Excellent Presentation

Joshua G.
Washington, DC

Outstanding beginner program on understanding credit/credit reports.

Kimberly T.
Newark, NJ


Jo M.
Abingdon, VA

This is one of the best presentations I've seen from Lawline (or anyone else). Pithy and effective. Well done, Mr. Schulman!

Claude D.
Houston, TX

Very informative.

Bruce C.
Culpeper, VA

good practical advice we can share with clients needing help understanding and improving their credit. Well presented. Nice job.

Francis M.
Springfield, VA

Excellent program and presenter

Sarah S.
Paradise Valley, AZ

Very informative and nicely organized presentation

Morgan E. S.
Salem, VA

Solid presentation

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Arlington, TX


Bobby D.
Houston, TX

Very good information.

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Lynbrook, NY

Dan Schlufman is very knowledgeable. Very good presentation.

Fabian G.
Edinburg, TX

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New York, NY

Very good presentation.

Edward S.
east islip, NY

This was an excellent substantive CLE. I wish they were all as informative. The presenter was terrific.

Jay G.
Lovisville, KY

Excellent presentation! Knows his stuff forward and backwards! Didn't read his slides, which were also excellent.. thank you !

Ron V.
Greenwood Vil, CO

Very interesting course. Provided useful details on the data underlying credit reports and the manner is which that data is used by the three credit reporting agencies and mortgage companies.

Jeffrey D.
Severn, MD

Excellent presenter and great information. Thank you!

Alma H.
McKinney, TX

Best slides I have seen on Lawline!

Robert G.
Inola, OK

Very simple conversations about the mystical credit score that we all have but few understand. Highly recommended, esp if your credit needs improved!

Michael S.
Richmond, VA

Very interesting program. Excellent instructor.

Daniel G.
San Antonio, TX


Richard C.
Chicago, IL

Excellent presentation

Amy G.
Norfolk, VA

One of the best. Practical. Good info. Straight forward presentation.

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Brooklyn, NY

Very practical info and engaging speaker

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San Angelo, TX

Well done.

Sharmila N.
Wheatley Heights, NY


Robert G.
Springfield, MO

Really enjoyed the speaker. Learned a lot of practical information.

Henry V.
Naples, FL

Well organized and informative!

Julie H.
San Antonio, TX

Learned a lot, will be getting my free credit reports. Thank you

Dante Joseph O.
Riverside, IL

Great course.

Nancy O.
Mundelein, IL

Excellent and timely presentation. Good for clients and myield as well.

Thomas C. R.
Mahomet, IL

Very interesting and useful

Donald C.
Las Vegas, NV

It is very informative to pull a master report from myfico. They list the different score versions for each credit bureau.

J Bradley G.
North Miami Beach, FL


David E.
Plano, TX

Enjoyed this presentation

Christyann P.
Springfield, VA

good overview

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Waukesha, WI

One of the best presentations I've viewed on Lawline. Very informative.

sara s.
Chicago, IL


kerry n.
Salida, CO

This program was a lot of info for a low-intermediate learner presented in a clear, easily digested manner. Thanks much!

David S.
Rochester, MN

this material was well presented.. several practice tips provided will be of help

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Cerritos, CA

A very practical program. Great teacher!!

Maxwell Z.
Houston, TX

Very helpful

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San Antonio, TX

A very knowledgeable presenter!

Martha P.
Chicago, IL

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James T.
Austin, TX

Superb and incredibly useful

Robert T.
Houston, TX

Watching this should be mandatory for all teens and adults. Very important info and well presented.

Marc R.
Highland Park, IL

Watching this in Chicago in May of was humorous to hear you rip on the World Champion Chicago Cubs. Other than that...good presentation!

wei z.
Flushing, NY


Mary W.
Elmhurst, IL

Very knowledgeable and helpful

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Coppell, TX

Very interesting and straight forward. Good concise presenter.

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Kingston, PA

good and practical course

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Mechanicsville, VA

Well done.

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Charlotte, NC

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Manhattan, NY

Great instructor

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Katy, TX

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Glen Burnie, MD

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Boca Raton, FL

By far, the most informative lecture I have heard. Info is excellent for both business and professional use

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Quincy, IL


Chris C.
Morgantown, WV

The speaker and the material were outstanding in every way. Keep up the good work!

Yevgeny R.
Brooklyn, NY

Great CLE for anyone who wants to know how to have a high credit score

Kelly S.
Houston, TX

Very informative.

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Manhattan, NY

Very informative; it filled in some gaps in my knowledge of the credit field.

Rodrick W.
Chicago, IL

great presentation

Stan I.
newyork, NY

The course was extremely informative

Terri I.
Yorktown Heights, NY

This was excellent...and worthwhile for ALL people...not just attorneys, and especially people considering purchasing a home.

Hubert L.
Manhattan, NY

Very informative and timely presentation

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Mesa, AZ

Excellent information about the credit report, thank you!

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White Plains, NY

Excellent presentation.

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Bethlehem, PA

Very informative

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Clifton forge, VA


Patricia H.
Pearland, TX

Excellent program!

Dean K.
Dallas, TX

Very thorough presentation with useful information.

James F.
New York, NY

FANTASTIC presentation, presenter answered NUMEROUS questions both professional and personal in this case and I really appreciate someone with this depth of knowledge and experience presenting on credit reporting. Please get him back again!

Audrey C.

very helpful

Annastacia B.
Maplewood, MN

very good

Albert S.
Philadelphia, PA

Solid speaker, well versed in his area.

Joan R.
New York, NY

presenter was very clear, concise and organized

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Washington, MD

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Los Angeles, CA

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Arlington, VA

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Mohegan Lake, NY

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New York, NY

This presenter was excellent, truly an expert in his field.

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Sag Harbor, NY

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Stafford, VA


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Frisco, TX

Good information.

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Staten Island, NY

Great speaker

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jackson, NJ

Mr. Shlufman did a thorough job.

Mark A. J.
Hollywood, FL

Very informative relative to the use and affect of credit scores.

Jon W.
Concord, CA

Knowledgeable speaker on a timely topic. K.
Tappan, NY

Dan shulfman was excellent. Great speaker and great info. I would tell people to use lawline just to hear his lecture!

Edward R.
Mokena, IL

Lots of useful tips and practice pointers.

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Louisville, KY

Covered the material at just the right level of depth.

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Chicago, IL

This one is useful even for nonlawyers

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St. Clair Shores, MI

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Seguin, TX

Very good useful seminar. I enjoyed it and will listen to it again and take notes. Excellant!

Achim Z.
Huntersville, NC


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Liberty, TX

Great program. Very important to my practice. I am a bankruptcy attorney who wishes to help clients re-establish their credit after they finish with the bankruptcy filing.

Maria M.
Farmington, MI

Excellent presentation. Mr. Schlufman is very knowledgeable.

Walter T.
Charlotte, NC


Barbara R.
san francisco, CA

excellent presentation. Very well prepared and the handout matched the discussion.

Quietta B.
Columbia, SC


Charles C.
Wilmington, NC

liked his tone,,,, made clear many things that are confusing with the credit issues

Robin B.
McHenry, IL

Great presentation! I learned a lot. Thank you, Daniel.

John H.
Honeoye Falls, NY

I am going to have my wife and children watch this, everyone should, what a great program!

Camalyn T.
Hoover, AL

Excellent information

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Stamford, CT

This presentation is useful to everyone regardless of practice area.

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Farmington, NY

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Denville, NJ

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udai s.

very good lecture.

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Virginia Beach, VA

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NorthridgeLos Angeles, CA

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Lakewood, CO

a wonderfully practical presentation

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Croton on Hudson, NY

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Leland, NC

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West Nyack, NY

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Katy, TX

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Glasgow, GLG

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New York, NY

Really useful, practical information that clients can benefit from. Programs that bear upon a lawyer's responsibility as an advisor which are not strictly "legal" are important tools. I thought the speaker was great, and it is always helpful to learn from someone with in-depth knowledge of specific topics like this. Well done.

arthur a.
New York City, NY

the discussion was relevant and informative and well presented.

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Jamaica, NY


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Garden City, NY

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Wynnewood, PA

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Atlanta, GA

This guy is great. I've reprinted lots of lenders and some borrowers, and he's informed me about many things. Please give him more time on your site, especially about identify theft. He is the best.

James F.
Waretown, NJ

Interesting and practical

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Seattle, WA

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alexandra, VA

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West Palm Beach, FL

I thought that the instructor made valuable points to apply in daily practice and in life regarding credit reports.

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Alexandria, VA

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Boca Raton, FL

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Scottsdale, AZ

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Virginia Beach, VA

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Richmond, VA

Very help to me personally as well as professionally

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Gainesville, VA

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I've been using Lawline for several years, and this is one of the best courses I've yet taken. Just the right level of detail for someone who doesn't practice in this area. Thanks.

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Belleville, IL

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Whitney A.
Aurora, IL

Answers to questions real estate attorney have about the lending process

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Osprey, FL

I have wanted to hear a program like this for a long time. The lecturer had such great insight into FICO scoring and was able to explain the probable affect on the FICO score and credit availability, for different late pay and other scenarios. I will be able to put this information to use as I assist consumers in my practice. Thank you.

Dennis S.
Alexandria, VA

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Mineola, NY

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Richard C.
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Sleepy Eye, MN

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Sparta Township, NJ

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Fairfax, VA

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new york, NY

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Minneapolis, MN

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Trumbull, CT

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phoenix, AZ

informative credit report talk

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Stony Brook, NY

Greatly increased my understanding of credit and credit reports.

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Spicewood, TX

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Naperville, IL

Crisp, clear and informative.

Pauline g.
yonkers, NY

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Austin, TX

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Totowa, NJ

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michael d.


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Barrington Hills, IL

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Richmond, VA

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Villa Park, IL

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Suzanne d.
Greendale, WI


Catherine E.
Aurora, IL

Very excellent presentation--I especially appreciated that he gave so much information about upcoming changes in the credit business, as they are timely and helpful to know.

Andrew P.
Lawndale, CA

Really good speaker. Very useful information.

William B.
Alexandria, VA

Very informative and well presented.

Edward I.
Pittsburgh, PA

The presenter was excellent. I enjoyed the content and overall I think lawline is fantastic. Your method should be the standard for all states CLE requirements. Its affordable and far more effective in terms of the user retaining information than any other form of CLE courses.

Bruce N.
Lehi, UT

Very informative

Preethi S.
Stuart, FL

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omar e.
Chicago, IL

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St. Louis, MO


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Silver Spring, MD

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Huntingtown, MD

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One of the best lawline courses. Instructor was well paced and knowledgeable. Material was all useful.

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Austin, TX

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Hoboken, NJ

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Chicago, IL

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Frankfort, IL

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Grayslake, IL

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Columbus, GA

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Edinburg, TX

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paul h.
Phoenix, AZ

Highly informative, particularly since attorneys are frequently asked "how will this affect my credit"

Kristina U.
King George, VA

Great information, packed a lot of info in short period of time.

James L.
Sag Harbor, NY

very worthwhile course

Virginia E.
Henrico, VA

Definitely would recommend this presentation. It covers everything you need to know about credit and credit scores and your rights.

Andrew A.
Champaign, IL

Well organized easy to follow.

Ronald L. B.
lisle, IL

Lots of information. Talks fast to cover.better if longer program covering same info.

Lawrence F.
New York, NY

very informative and covered a lot of important information

Sal S.
Medfield, MA

Enthusiastic recommendation!!

Tiffany H.
New York, NY

Excellent presentation.

Mark V.

Helpful information that we as lawyers should understand.

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Stamford, CT

One of the best CLE's I've ever taken!

Daniel R.
Hewlett, NY

The content of the course covered the area in depth and was very clearly presented. The speaker was outstanding.

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Montgomery, TX

Great information

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Algonquin, IL

This was extremely helpful not only as an attorney, but as a consumer. I would highly recommend this course. Thanks!

Robert G.
Chesapeake, VA

Very informative and lecturer covered the topic very well

Ruta P.
Charlotte, NC

very informative!

Michael M.
Carle Place, NY

Practical useful knowledge to,pass on to clients

Ilia Yvette F.
Highwood, IL

I enjoyed the course. Very informative. I was able to follow along with the material and what the speaker was saying.

Damon A.
Los Angeles, CA

Very informative.

John M.
Tampa, FL

This presenter was excellent, and the subject matter was very interesting.

erica r.
Fort Worth, TX

This could have really been expanded to a 1.5 or 2 hour course. Very good information, very well delivered.

ralph d.
larendon hills, IL

helpful topic

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Wildwood, MO

Good written materials as well.

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Richardson, TX


Ira L F.

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William H.
Englewood Cliffs, NJ

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constance b.
Key Biscayne, FL

Very helpful information for my practice, dealing with lots of clients purchasing real estate - gave many ideas on increasing credit scores for better loans.

Thomas J.
Pompano Beach, FL

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Linus W.
Oneida, NY

good, concise presentation by speaker who knows his subject

Francis Gerard H.
Lockport, NY


Angela A.
New York, NY

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Smithtown, NY

This lecture was excellent. The speaker was very informative. I picked up many useful tips I could use immediately. I highly recommend this lecture

Ralph P.

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Orlando, FL

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Miami, FL

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Los Angeles, CA

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Key Biscayne, FL

Course could be longer.

Andrew D G.
Lake Success, LB

Well presented and very informative.

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New York, NY

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