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COVID-19 and Employment Law Compliance

1h 8m

Created on December 16, 2021





Navigating the ever-evolving employment law guidance has been a challenge for employers throughout the pandemic. This course will provide an overview of the common employment law questions employers have as they begin to reopen and return employees to in-person work. Through the discussion and analysis of various hypotheticals, the course will review issues surrounding vaccination in the workplace, including implementation of mandatory vaccination policies, as well as how to assess requests for reasonable accommodation from any vaccination requirement or due to the pandemic more broadly. For employers who are considering permitting long-term remote work, there will be a discussion of key issues to consider.  Finally, there will be a summary of the employer's duty to provide a safe workspace and how to best respond to employee concerns.

 Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss employment law issues surrounding COVID-19 and vaccination, including mandatory vaccination policies

  2. Examine how best to analyze requests for reasonable accommodations related to COVID-19 and/or any vaccination requirement

  3. Explore the key issues in permitting long-term remote work

  4. Review workplace safety requirements and how best to respond to employee safety concerns

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