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Counseling Your Client to Reduce Stress & Succeed in Litigation

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Produced on April 22, 2019

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Course Information

Time 61 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate
Categories Litigation

Course Description

Attorneys sometimes forget that clients who are involved in litigation are vulnerable to fear, anxiety, anger, and depression as a result of the uncertainty and demands of the litigation process. By embracing the role of attorney as counselor, treating our clients more like patients,  and helping them to better navigate these stressful events, practitioners will also improve their client’s performance in high pressure settings such as depositions, trials, and mediations. In this program, Alan Fanger, a prominent Boston-area litigator and developer of a client e-learning platform, will share insights and suggestions on how to prepare clients for major litigation events in order to obtain the best outcome.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Prepare for mediations, depositions, and trials
  2. Tailor witness preparation to the nuances of your client’s personality
  3. Improve client outcomes by counseling more effectively
  4. Leverage technology to enhance client preparation

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Alan S. Fanger


Alan S. Fanger is a litigator based in Natick, MA, a suburb of Boston with 32 years of experience.   He has been voted a “Super Lawyer” every year and has a 10.0 rating on Avvo.   He is also the founder and CEO of EmpowerLegal, Inc., a company that provides an online learning platform to assist clients in preparing for major litigation events.


Stephen R.

One of best presentations I've watched on Lawline: this attorney practices what he preaches and his demeanor, confidence, ease and clarity in front of camera are outstanding.

Amy B.

Very practical & helpful advice.

William S.

I liked it. I would watch it again

Scott S.

The best video I've watched on Lawline.

Jean B.

Excellent presentation. Informative and well presented.

Allison A.

very interesting and well-presented

Madelyn L.

I wish I had heard this lesson when I was starting out as a lawyer. Very insightful and full of illustrations.

Charlotte J.

Great course

Quincy J.

I was not expecting such a comprehensive, informative course. I am so happy I chose this program. It has already exceeded my expectations.

Laury F.

Excellent presentation

R. Christopher R.

Really good refresher course

Wendy W.

great class

Cheryl O.

Really enjoyed the presentation. Good insights and pointers.

J Thomas S.

Very helpful. An area that should be fundamental to preparing every client.

Amy H.

Wonderful class! He was an excellent speaker. Even my kids were interested!

Holly R.

Excellent presenter; helpful and timely information. Thank you!

James E H.

Good program. Thank you.

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