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Cosmetic Devices: Unraveling the Mystery Behind the Masks

1h 3m

Created on July 15, 2016




Advertising trends show that regulators often struggle to keep up with innovation. Old rules often don't marry well with new gadgets. This program dives into the increased use of technology for cosmetic purposes and how it has affected the regulation of the cosmetic industry. This course explores the unique regulatory position that cosmetic devices, or devices that give users cosmetic benefits occupy. Covered in this course are the basic requirements for marketing these products, and how different government agencies regulate them.

 Learning Objectives:

I.     Learn the unique regulatory history of cosmetic devices

II.    Understand the key differences between a medical device and cosmetic device

III.   Learn how to comply with federal regulatory requirements

IV.   Identify common labeling and marketing issues posed by cosmetic devices

V.    Discuss specific enforcement action the Food & Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission have taken against companies marketing these products

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