Contemporary Issues Facing Homeless Children and Youth

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Produced on: July 08, 2016

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Children and youth experiencing homelessness often have to overcome numerous barriers to enrolling, attending, participating, and staying in school. Yet access to school for homeless children and youth means educational continuity and stability. The Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program under Title VII of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act guarantees equal access to free, appropriate public education and protects the rights of homeless children and youth to remain in the same school even after they move, to participate fully in school activities, and to receive transportation to and from school-related activities. The law also requires states and school districts to review and revise laws, policies, regulations, and practices that may act as a barrier to the education of homeless children and youth.


Unfortunately, many schools fail to appropriately implement and comply with this federal law. Only a few legal advocates are familiar with McKinney-Vento. Worse, many families and children experiencing homelessness are not aware of their rights under the law. Those who know do not have access to legal resources to help enforce their rights.


Additionally, homeless children and youth also encounter barriers outside school. There are laws and policies that create more barriers and further complicate homeless youths’ attempts to meet the basic necessities of life, impact their ability to access schools and obtain jobs, prevent them from receiving much-needed services and support, and impede their ability to break the vicious cycle of homelessness and poverty.


This course provides a broad overview of the legal issues and barriers homeless children and youth face, the challenges in meeting their complex and multidimensional needs, and ways to address them.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Learn about the different barriers homeless children and youth face inside and outside of school

II.    Understand how to properly enforce and implement the educational rights of homeless children and youth under McKinney-Vento and other education-related laws

III.   Examine laws and policies that affect unaccompanied homeless youth

IV.   Gain insight on different ways to advocate for protecting the rights and meeting the needs of homeless children and youth

V.    Examine the various intersections of youth homelessness and civil rights issues


Michael Santos

National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty

Michael Santos is an attorney at the Law Center whose work focuses on advocating for homeless youth access to education through public education, impact litigation, and policy advocacy.


Prior to joining the Law Center, Michael Santos has had a long history of working on the rights of low-income and underrepresented communities through the Department of Health and Human Services and various non-profit organizations. Most recently, he was a fellow at the Clinton Foundation where he worked on an initiative to decrease the upward trend of childhood obesity in the United States.


Michael graduated from Brown University with a double concentration in Biomedical Engineering and Ethnic Studies. He received his JD from University of Southern California Gould School of Law. He is admitted to the New York and District of Columbia state bars.


Karen A.

Excellent course!

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This is a must-listen if you work with juveniles. Well done!

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interesting and different topic

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very good

Micheal D.

Good knowledge in very understandable presentation with excellent supporting materials.

Beth H.

Mr. Santos was incredibly knowledgeable of the subject matter.

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Very knowledgeable !

Makedonka B.

The speaker inspired me to learn more about youth homelessness.

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Great information and it fills a gap in knowledge.

Katherine D.

Your passion and sincerity are admirable! Thank you for such an informative and thorough presentation.

Suzanne M.

Michael was enthusiastic and interesting. Thanks for this.

Carrie G.

Very educational.

Susan M.

I would like to know more about how I can help with Homeless Youth.

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Very knowledgeable and dedicated speaker. Covered a great deal

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Thank you!!

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Good work!

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The lecturer was particularly engaging, and it was nice to have someone so passionate about the source materials.

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Tons of information on an important topic

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Excellent presentation on a difficult subject.

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Covers a lot. Good information.

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Michael's presentation was a real eye-opener. Very well done.

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Excellent presentation. Very helpful.

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This was very informative and I'm very glad to have learned about this topic.

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Karen H.

heartbreaking and informative

Patricia W.

Great course!

Julie A. B.

Grateful for the supplemental material. Look forward to the 2017 update.

Andrew C.

Presenter did an outstanding job. Makes me want to do more for the homeless.

Sheila M.


Sally A.

wonderful online support as usual

Frank K.

Good presentation on a not widely known issue

Karen T.

I practiced law for approximately 30 years, and am now beginning my ninth year as an elementary school TA. This was an excellent presentation that I will recommend to the Central Office in my County.

Catherine S.

An overall great CLE

Mavis V.

He covered a lot of ground with great information and substantively. Thank you.

Joseph Y.

Very informative, well organized, well presented.

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Really good presentation - one of the better ones that I have seen

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