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Conducting Cross and Direct Examination of Expert Witnesses at Trial

1h 1m

Created on January 26, 2021





This program, presented by Florina Altshiler, will review techniques to use while examining an expert witness you retained at trial, as well as cross-examining your opponent's expert.

This deep dive will benefit trial attorneys that routinely use expert witnesses in civil or criminal cases.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Introduce your expert witness to the jury
  2. Draft and oppose pre-trial motions seeking to preclude expert testimony
  3. Humanize the expert and present him as a teacher so as not to bore or confuse the fact finder
  4. Present the expert's opinion and report
  5. Differentiate expert opinions
  6. Use demonstrative exhibits
  7. Prepare for cross-examination of opposing expert
  8. Take advantage of weaknesses in the opposing expert's testimony
  9. Exploit factfinder bias

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