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Competitive Restrictions in the Financial Services Industry: Best Practices for Managing Employment Transitions


Created on November 15, 2021




The law relevant to restrictive covenants continues to evolve, and the subject remains a significant area of commercial litigation in the financial services sector. Whether you are working from the perspective of an employee or management, understanding departure-related fiduciary duties and contractual non-compete and non-solicit provisions is essential to managing consequential assets like talent and client relationships. 

This program, presented by experienced practitioner Lisa C. Solbakken, will provide an update on current trends in this area of law, as well as how to spot potential issues that may reflect on the leverage and exposure existing on both sides of the table. The presenter will include relevant information from the perspective of a NY attorney, but the program will be valuable for attorneys everywhere. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review recent trends and restrictive covenant law, including relevant case law

  2. Assess considerations relevant to litigating restrictive covenant provisions, including risks and exposure on both sides of the table

  3. Discuss practical issues and best practices related to drafting and negotiating restrictive covenants

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