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Competence & Confidentiality When Handling Electronic Information

1h 2m

Created on June 29, 2021




Electronic information is everywhere. No matter the nature of an attorney's practice, whether trusts and estates, contract drafting, or litigation, electronic information is likely to be a feature of that practice. Moreover, attorneys communicate and advertise their services electronically. This course will explore the ethical obligations arising from attorney use of electronic information with a focus on competence to use electronic information, maintaining the confidentiality of that information, and ethically handling information obtained through e-discovery. 

Learning Objectives.

  1. Recognize ethical obligations when using electronic information
  2. Understand how to be competent when using electronic information
  3. Appreciate measures to protect confidentiality when using electronic information
  4. Recognize how cybersecurity standards can be used to be competent and protect the confidentiality

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