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Compassionate Representation in Domestic Violence Matters

1h 7m

Created on March 03, 2020




This program will focus on client-centered lawyering while working with victims of domestic violence in preparing for family or criminal court cases. The course will cover compassionate and trauma-informed interview techniques, how to discern whether a client is ready to report (or not), and how to help them proceed with that decision, as well as managing expectations throughout the case. In addition, the presenters will discuss the benefits and risks of going to trial or settling a domestic violence case, and preparation techniques for both the alleged victim and the alleged perpetrator in a DV situation. 

The program will discuss specific trial techniques in these cases, the differences between family and criminal court, and additional considerations such as the presence of children in the home, questions of marital support, and ethical issues for attorneys.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the cycle of domestic violence and how this dynamic can affect the lawyer's representation of their client
  2. Interview clients with compassion while helping them tell their full story
  3. Prepare for settlement or trial in criminal and family court

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