Commercial Litigation in Canada

Production Date: June 25, 2015 Practice Areas: Litigation Estimated Length: 5476 minutes


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Companies doing business in Canada may find themselves prosecuting or defending legal proceedings in Canadian courts.  This course provide information and insights for American corporations (and individuals) regarding a number of topics for those involved/to be involved in in such proceedings.


In this program, Miller Thomson partners Douglas Best and Nafisah Chowdhury will, among other topics, discuss and provide information about Canadian: court systems; judiciary; legal proceedings; jurisdiction, class actions, mediation/arbitration and the enforcement of domestic and foreign judgments.


Learning Objectives:

I.    Understand the Canadian court systems

II.   Summarize legal proceedings and jurisdictional issues

III.  Identify how to handle litigation topics in Canada such as class actions and alternative dispute resolution

IV.  Discuss the enforcement of domestic and foreign judgments

Christopher D.
Lone Tree, CO

Good speakers but this is geared more towards prospective clients than lawyers

Victor N. C.
Ottawa, ON

Informative overview

John C.

Excellent course