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Commercial Landlord-Tenant Practice in California (Audio Only)

1h 8m

Created on February 15, 2017




This program, taught by Clifford Horner, partner at Horner Law Group, PC, covers the basics of Commercial Landlord-Tenant practice in California. Topics to be covered include Subordination and Nondisturbance Agreements, Damage/Destruction of the Leased Premises, Lease Options (Extensions, Expansions and Renewals), Tenant Defaults, Retaking Possession of the Premises, Breach of Lease Actions,  Tenant Bankruptcies, Landlord's Protections from Tenants' Activities, and Landlord's Defense of Mechanic's Lien Laws.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify key lease provisions, as well as what to include and what to avoid
  2. Assess a landlord's protections from tenant activities and tenant default and bankruptcies
  3. Learn best practices when drafting a lease and litigating commercial landlord-tenant disputes 

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