Climate Change in the Supreme Court: Utility Air Regulatory Group v. Environmental Protection Agency et al., 134 S.Ct. 2427 (2014)

Production Date: August 12, 2014 Practice Areas: Constitutional Law, Environmental Law, and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 3753 minutes


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Seven years after the Supreme Court weighed in on climate change in the landmark case Massachusetts v. EPA, climate change is back in court. Massachusetts dealt specifically with greenhouse gas emissions from mobile sources, but the EPA subsequently determined its authority extended to stationary sources as well. Industry groups challenged the EPA in the recent case Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA, and both sides came away from the Court’s June 23, 2014 decision claiming victory. 


Join environmental attorneys James Periconi and Matthew Jokajtys as they examine what UARG means for the EPA’s authority to address climate change.


Learning Objectives: 

I.  Identify the major elements of the Clean Air Act

II. Recognize the EPA’s efforts to address climate change through the Clean Air Act

III. Understand the holding of UARG v. EPA in the context of current climate jurisprudence

IV. Discuss the impact of UARG on EPA’s future efforts to address climate change



Michael G.
Brooklyn, NY

Excellent presenter!!!! Knowledgeable, relaxed and they worked extremely well with each other. Looking forward to finding other environmental law programming from them.

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The back and forth between the two presenters was better than a straight presentation

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clear, measured, and informative

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Very clear and informative presentation.

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A bit OUT-DATED since West Virginia v EPA...but interesting to see the history prior to more recent developments.

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Excellent presentation and excellent interplay between instructors

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great presentation, thank you! would love to have you do an update session re: latest developments (12/17) thanks.

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Great speakers and an excellent presentation.

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These presenters were excellent. The dialogue format worked very well.

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Highly professional presentation. Knowledge is power. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with those who love the law and believe in science.

Jeanne S.
Brooklyn, NY

The presenters conveyed complex, detailed law, history and case law in an extremely clear and engaging way.

Julie A. B.
Hiles, WI

Dialogue between these skilled environmental attorneys successfully conveys the material. Speakers work well together and manage to deliver an engaging and quick moving program. Good use of words and tone to paint the current climate jurisprudence.

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Great conversation

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Well done and informative.

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The back and forth was effective

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Great presentation!

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Excellent presentation of a difficult topic.

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This team approach works.

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Excellent insight and overview.

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Katherine A.
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Really great program - loved the two-person interchange. Really interesting topic that all attorneys should have some awareness of regardless of speciality.

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Cogent and clear explanation and discussion of complex topics. Would like to hear more from these presenters, including as this particular topic evolves.

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Cutting edge of environmental law.

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The back and forth dialog was very helpful in drawing attention to the main points.

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Loved the conversation format. Very approachable.

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Very informative, could have easily occupied an additional half hour

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Excellent presentation of complex area.

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This was an excellent presentation of complex material. I liked the back and forth between the two speakers. The slides were very helpful.

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Great synopsis of CC & the UARG decision.

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Very timely information

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Outstanding, clear presentation of a complex topic. Jim and Matt did an excellent job of establishing appropriate context necessary for understanding the decision and its implications. One of the best LawLine presentations I've had the opportunity to watc

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Well pitched.

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Great course

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Very effective how they presented the CLE as a dialogue and question and answer between the two presenters. Great presentation!

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The tag-team approach is refreshing; these 2 presenters worked very well together.

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good course

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Needed to be longer. Very good info.

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excellent explanation and discussion of the subject matter.

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one of the best ones I have watched

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designed for someone in enviro practice, and very good.


Instructors were among the best as was this course.

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Excellent presentation.

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Excellent presentation. Particulally like the slides being incorparated into the Course Materials

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i really enjoyed this format.

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Good explanation of the latest Supreme Court decision on EPA's regulations.

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Good overview of this complex topic.