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Client Intake for the Small Business Practitioner

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Produced on: November 15, 2016

Course Format On Demand Audio

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Course Description

Time 60 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

This course helps lawyers understand how to work with start-up companies. Though it will review and answer the legal questions entrepreneurs typically ask, and identify the services they need at the inception of a business, the course will not focus on black-letter law. Instead, it will deal primarily with how counsel can empower entrepreneurs, add value to these ventures, and consequently develop long-term, mutually beneficial attorney-client relationships.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Differentiate between the entrepreneurial client’s wants and needs, and learn how to satisfy the latter by focusing on the former
  2. Understand the importance of adding value such that legal services are not an externality but an investment in profitability
  3. Build a trusting attorney-client relationship by thinking like an advisor and team member as opposed to a vendor



Thomas M.

Trippe's lecture was refreshing. As a practice pointer and a life lesson, it was invaluable. Learning how to add value is and should be a life long lesson for all lawyers.

Vincent F.

good content on entrepreneurs... thanks

Carey F.

Very relevant to all !

patrice m.

Very informative!

donald n.

very good presentation

Steven S.

No one gets taught this info in school. For anyone having to get their own clients, this is wonderful.

Veronica C.

Particularly liked the slide and information regarding the perceived problem with lawyers

michael m.

Great material

John B.

The moderator was great. Very clear and kept my attention.

James H.

This was a great one. Very well done.

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