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Civil Rights Litigation Part II: Legal Ethics for the Civil Rights Litigator

1h 1m

Created on March 31, 2016



In this course, the second of a multi-part series on litigating civil rights cases, Ameer Benno, a New York City-based civil rights attorney, explains what the ethics rules actually require of practitioners on issues commonly encountered in civil rights cases. Hear about recent developments in the law and get real life tips and strategies to help protect against grievances and disciplinary action.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand the difference between federal and state ethics rules

II.    Identify what terms should be included in a civil rights retainer agreement

III.   Become acquainted with the ethics rules governing attorney fees and how those rules apply to cases involving statutory fee shifting

IV.   Comprehend the ethical considerations in cases involving out-of-state counsel

V.    Appreciate the rules surrounding providing financial assistance to clients 

VI.   Gain insight on ethics rules surrounding case publicity and communicating with the media

VII.  Recognize the range of sanctions that may be triggered by ethical violations

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