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Case Interrupted: Ethically Facing Facts and Finding Solutions in Immigration Cases

1h 5m

Created on March 30, 2021




Even with the most careful evaluation of an immigration case and the client prior to representation, problems can arise during representation. This presentation, taught by ethics and immigration practitioner Craig Dobson, will offer ethical solutions to immigration practitioners who encounter challenging obstacles during the course of the case. Attorneys will learn how to effectively represent clients with diminished capacity, successfully navigate conflicts of interest issues, manage clients who fail to cooperate, and correct clients who offer false evidence.   

Learning Objectives:

  1. Effectively represent clients with diminished capacity, clients that do not pay, and clients that do not cooperate

  2. Determine how to appropriately handle conflicts of interest with clients 

  3. Examine the duty to correct - what is it and when is it necessary?

  4. Review best practices when withdrawing from representation

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