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Cannabis Law 2019: Addressing Legal Issues and Uncertainties

1h 1m

Created on April 19, 2019



This program will cover the fundamental issues that one encounters in representing licensed operators, investors, and ancillary participants in the fast-growing and ever-changing cannabis industry. The course will explore some of the possible answers to frequently raised questions, recognizing that ever-present flux in local, state, federal, and international regulatory schemes, as well as how the industry operates. It will cover fundamental regulatory concepts, corporate and tax concerns, employment, and intellectual property risks and challenges, banking-financial-insurance ramifications, and related topics.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Assess the inter-relationship, and material risks implicated by the Federal Controlled Substances Act, the periodic Federal Budget Act Amendments, DOJ Prosecution Policies, with various state regulatory schemes
  2. Discuss the particular forms of business entities and relationships and their impact on present tax and intellectual property laws
  3. Review challenges relating to employment laws, and present potential challenges in terms of banking, financing, and bankruptcy
  4. Stay attuned to developments in this industry and the relevant legal environment

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