California's Fair Employment and Housing Act

Production Date: September 03, 2015 Practice Areas: Labor & Employment Law, Disability & Social Security Law, Civil Rights, and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 3872 minutes


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In this course, attorney Kristine Kwong discusses the California Fair Employment and Housing Act and the good faith interactive process in accommodating employees with disabilities. She presents the legal definition of a disability and identifies when an employer is required to accommodate an employee and how to start the good faith interactive process. Also addressed are the defenses to accommodating an employee and the risks and liabilities under the Act.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Identify what disabilities are covered under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act

II.    Understand mental disabilities 

III.   Grasp the good faith interactive process

IV.   Determine when to initiate the interactive process

V.    Recognize the essential job functions of a position and how to accommodate the employee 

VI.   Appreciate the types of accommodations available

VII.  Comprehend the defenses to accommodation 

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