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Buying and Selling Professional Sports Franchises

1h 8m

Created on January 07, 2016




Sports team transfers represent some of the most complex transactions within the global sports landscape. These high-profile deals involve numerous constituencies, including investors, leagues, government authorities, and various business partners. It is as important to understand the process for acquiring a team as it is selling a team, including when "business divorce" leads to the transfer of team ownership interests. Join Herrick, Feinstein sports group team members, Irwin Kishner, John Goldman, and Jared Bartie, for a discussion regarding key issues pertaining to professional sports team buy-sell transactions.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Gain an understanding of the current state of affairs within the sports M&A landscape

II.    Determine the process for valuing professional sports franchises

III.   Learn how leagues are involved in and affect the transfer process

IV.   Navigate the due diligence process

V.    Understand the role stadiums and arenas play in the transfer equation

VI.   Identify key revenue drivers and expense obligations

VII.  Review financing structures and explore related opportunities, obligations and limitations

VIII. Determine the process for selling team interests amicably or in connection with ownership disputes


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