Business Succession & Exit Planning

Production Date: November 05, 2014 Practice Areas: Tax Law, Business, Corporate, & Securities Law, and Law Practice Management Estimated Length: 3695 minutes


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The biggest threat to your business is not competition, the government, or even taxes.  The biggest threat - the event that tends to be most detrimental to the business - is, quite simply, the business owner passing away.  Many businesses lacking a succession plan go into the grave with the owner of the business.  


Learn how to prevent this through proper business succession and estate planning for businesses and their owners. 


In this course, Dr. Bart Basi discusses the issues related to business succession and planning for future generations. He examines a variety of estate planning devices, including selecting professionals, choosing a successor, valuing a company, buy/sell agreements, trusts, planning with life insurance, and estate and tax laws.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand the goals of a management succession

II.    Grasp how to select a successor and other professionals

III.   Establish the value of a company and buy/sell agreements

IV.   Understand how a trust is established and functions

V.   Discover how to plan ahead with life insurance




Andrew P.
Lawndale, CA

Dr. Basi is a fantastic presenter and a fountain of great information!!! More programs from him please!!!

Tracy W.
Syracuse, NY

I enjoy This speaker & would listen to his other programs. He is enthusiastic & has obviously been successful. He was a bit over the top on his success in this program.

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One of the best instructors you guys have.

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east northport, NY

one of the best teachers to listen to. Thorough and well versed.

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Excellent presentation.

Ander S.
Rockford, IL

Excellent overview course! Nice mix of basic concepts with some depth.

Arthur R.
Chicago, IL

Dr. Basi did an excellent job as usual.

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Friendly and useful course. Funny teacher.

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Very good course.

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Great course!!

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Very good presenter.

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Professor extremely knowledgeable and presentation kept my attention.

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excellent presenter and program

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VERY GOOD INFORMATION and informative lecture. Very comprehensive and wall to wall information, strategies and pitfalls. Very good insights and advice.

Faye L.
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Very knowledgeable presenter. Learned a lot.

Mark S.
New York, NY

Bart Basi is one of your best lecturers.

Nina K.
New York, NY

Bart is terrific. Personable, engaging, gives real-world examples to explain how the concepts play out, and doesn't get lost in the thicket of legalese.

Louis M.
Saratoga Springs, NY

Excellent, Knowledgeable speaker.

Richard M.
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Great topic!

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Best CLE presentation I ever had!!

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Useful information.

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Bart was excellent - very enthused and passionate about what he does.

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Very good speaker.

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Another excellent presentation by Bart. I really enjoy his content!!

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MORE !!!

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Best hour of learning in a very long time.

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An excellent job of exploring the range of considerations.

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very Experienced

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Excellent content and presentation

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wish we had more time to listen to this gentleman speak.

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Good overview.

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Very professional and knowledgeable speaker

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Mary Ellen P.
La Grange, IL

I always enjoy Bart Basi's programs!

Jessica J.
Amityville, NY

Dr. Basi was an effective presenter and very interesting. I enjoyed the way he included real life examples in the presentation. I would definitely like to take another one of his training classes again.

Martin W.
St. Louis, MO

Very good presenter, always well articulated