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Bracing for the "New Normal": The Impact of COVID-19 on Skilled Nursing Facilities, Intersection with Staffing Guidelines, and Anticipated Trends


Created on July 12, 2022




After years of COVID-19 encapsulating every aspect of life, the world, including the post-acute care world, is embracing life after the pandemic.  While nursing facilities navigate the "new normal," they face increased scrutiny, new state and federal regulations, and a renewed look at staffing levels. 

This presentation discusses current guidelines regarding staffing in skilled nursing facilities, federal and state responses to staffing challenges due to COVID-19, and anticipated trends impacting long-term care in general. 

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Discuss government initiatives and reforms in response to COVID-19, including the recent end to certain waivers and telehealth implications

  2. Review recent staffing initiatives by certain states, and nursing facilities' responses thereto

  1. Analyze current federal and state staffing guidelines, including Payroll-Based Journal Requirements, CMS five-star rating system, and assessment standards

  2. Identify future trends and challenges facing skilled nursing facilities in the "new normal"

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