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Bankruptcy Litigation 101: What Virginia Business Litigators Need to Know

1h 1m

Created on October 31, 2017



Bankruptcy issues come up over and over in business litigation. The practice of bankruptcy has traditionally been very specialized. As a business litigator, however, it is important to be able to recognize certain pitfalls that can occur when dealing with parties who have filed bankruptcies. It is also important to recognize when to call on bankruptcy counsel to assist your client with filing their own bankruptcy.

This course, taught by Harvel & Binnall associate Louise Gitcheva, reviews several areas where litigators can identify potential pitfalls and also how to best assist clients struggling with issues that may benefit from filing bankruptcy.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Demystify areas of bankruptcy that crop up in business litigation
  2. Identify pitfalls for business litigators
  3. Provide tips for practitioners on when to discuss filing bankruptcy with a client

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