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Bankruptcy Essentials for Non-Bankruptcy Practitioners

1h 2m

Created on November 06, 2020





No matter their practice area, many attorneys will at some point find themselves working with clients considering bankruptcy or in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings. If the client is also filing for divorce, involved in business litigation, facing criminal charges, or otherwise involved in the legal system, potential or current bankruptcy proceedings may have an impact on their existing legal matter. Therefore it is valuable for all attorneys to have a basic understanding of the bankruptcy process, different kinds of bankruptcy, and the collateral effects of bankruptcy and insolvency on a client. 

Presented by Scott J. Goldstein, this program will benefit both experienced and novice practitioners who are unfamiliar with the bankruptcy system and how it might impact their clients.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Protect your clients' claims when they have to file for bankruptcy relief
  2. Collaborate with bankruptcy counsel when your clients file for bankruptcy relief
  3. Work with bankruptcy trustees when representing a bankruptcy client
  4. Avoid stay violations
  5. Deal with defendants/opposing parties who end up in bankruptcy

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