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Asset Purchase Agreements for Healthcare Professionals

1h 1m

Created on November 12, 2018




One of the biggest challenges in one's career is building their own practice. As a healthcare provider, this can be very challenging, yet satisfying, if successful. However, what happens when that provider wants to sell their practice and start that next phase of their life? Alternatively, what happens when a provider decides it's time that they went out on their own and are interested in buying an already existing practice?

In this course, attorney Stephanie Rodin will outline certain elements that healthcare providers need to consider, whether they are selling or buying a practice. She will also point out how the asset purchase agreement will differ, depending on whether you are the seller or purchaser and what to look for from each perspective.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify what factors to consider prior to entering into an asset purchase agreement
  2. Determine what clauses are important, depending on whether you are the seller or purchaser
  3. Discuss the consequences of what may occur after the close of the deal,  if certain clauses are not included in the asset purchase agreement

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