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Assessing the Impact of Recent IP Rulings on Artificial Intelligence, Software, and Website Design

1h 1m

Created on May 16, 2019




As usual, rulings in IP law are being scrutinized for their impact on emerging technologies. This program, presented by Toby Butterfield of Moses & Singer LLP will discuss emerging trends in technological developments, with a particular focus on intellectual property disputes. Mr. Butterfield will assess recent rulings on copyright law's requirement of originality, and how it may affect the development of artificial intelligence. The program will also consider recent rulings on requirement of volitional conduct, and assess their impact on software and website design. Finally, it will summarize and comment on the collision of First Amendment and trademark law currently being considered by the Supreme Court.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze recent rulings in IP law and their impact on emerging technologies
  2. Assess recent copyright decisions and their effect on the development of artificial intelligence
  3. Examine how the latest rulings on the requirement of volitional conduct have impacted software and website design
  4. Identify the First Amendment and trademark law questions that are currently before the Supreme Court, and consider the potential outcome of those cases
  5. Explore where the future of emerging technologies may be headed based on these recent rulings

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