Artificial Intelligence in Legal Knowledge Management

Production Date: December 09, 2016 Practice Areas: Intellectual Property Law, Science & Technology Law, and Privacy & Cybersecurity Estimated Length: 5530 minutes


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The hottest new trend in technology, in the legal industry or elsewhere, is Artificial Intelligence (“AI”).

In the legal world, AI is about using new technology for assisting a lawyer or a client to understand legal text and legal argumentation.  Knowledge Management (“KM”) in the legal world involves creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information of an organization, whether those of a law firm, a solo practitioner or a client.  

This course will include an introduction to the legal and technology issues in the use of AI for legal research and knowledge management, including research challenges for litigators, diligence and management of agreements, intellectual property rights related to the use of AI in law, security and protection of clients’ information when using AI in the cloud, and other ethical issues related to the use of AI in law. The introduction will be followed by a panel discussions of the hot topics related to AI and law. 

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Define AI and KM and the roles that AI plays in legal KM, and how the use of AI may affect legal institutions
  2. Understand the legal research and knowledge management challenges faced with using AI/KM technology
  3. Identify the challenges related to protecting clients’ information and other ethical issues in using such technology
  4. Examine new AI trends that may affect the law practice and legal KM in the coming years
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Really fascinating lecture, especially for those of us in smaller companies that don't have a great deal of access to the tech.

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