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Art Law Issues of Authenticity and Chain of Title Disputes

1h 1m

Created on November 30, 2017




Join art law litigator William Charron as he provides an overview of the legal issues that are involved in cases of fake and stolen art. This program will address both substantive and procedural law issues, including the kinds of claims and defenses that are often raised, statutes of limitations and choice of law disputes, duties of diligence by sellers and buyers, and both legal and practical efforts at reform, including the forthcoming launch of a specialized arbitration tribunal for art authenticity disputes.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain an in-depth overview of litigation claims and defenses involved in cases of allegedly fake, forged, or stolen art
  2. Successfully navigate the procedural issues that drive such cases, including in particular conflict of laws questions and the equitable defense of laches
  3. Discuss the role of expert evidence, and the challenges for the courts in evaluating that evidence
  4. Identify marketplace efforts to address the problem of fake and forged art
  5. Review recent federal legislation addressing claims of Nazi-looted Art: The Holocaust Expropriated Art Recovery Act of 2016

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