Appealing the Denial of Veteran Benefit Claims (Update)

Production Date: October 26, 2015 Practice Areas: Litigation, Health Care Law, Disability & Social Security Law, and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 3676 minutes


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This course, presented by attorney Eric Gang, provides basic procedural information as to how to implement the nuts and bolts of handling a VA administrative appeal. It covers basic time deadlines, the required documents, what types of claims can be appealed, advice on initiating the appellate process, common errors in Board decisions, exhaustion of administrative remedies, and the CAVC’s jurisdiction. The course is ideal for the elder law practitioner who does VA pension work and needs to have a basic understanding of the VA appeal process should a claim be denied.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Assess scheduling issues pertaining to the timely handling of a VA appeal

II.    Review the process of receiving an agency decision and dissecting its parts

III.   Identify the agency decisions that are appealable and the exceptions to those rules

IV.   Define, draft and file an “NOD” (Notice of Disagreement) – what info should be included?

V.    Plan a timely and place-appropriate NOD filing

VI.   What is a DRO? Understand the right time and situation and limitations when requesting a DRO

VII.  Explore the SOC, form 9, the SSOC and highlighting the important considerations

VIII. Apply BVA certifications and appeal BVA denials

IX.   Grasp the important jurisdictional requirements

William M.

I am a VSO and I love his courses! Extremely detailed.

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Good Presentation.

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Excellent class. K.
Tappan, NY

Eric Gang is a great speaker. Knows subject well, is passionate about it and gives good recap after each section. Excellent. Would like to see more Veterans benefits seminars be made available.

Kathleen H.
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Lots of good/real examples.

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He really knows his stuff and can explain it

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Mr. Gang again gave an outstanding presentation .

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Instructor is excellent.

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Excellent Presentation on an important area. Thank You.

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Very informative and well presented.

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Great course. Very interesting.

Sarah S.
Marietta, GA

This course was very depressing given subject matter, but as a veteran advocate this was valuable to me. It gave a great "quick and dirty" overview of the appeal process and while I was familiar with most of the developments, it was helpful to get specific case law cites and current processing times.

Virginia J.
Kenilworth, IL

This presenter does an excellent job in this area.

Ana M. M.
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D Kenneth B.
Encinitas, CA

Excellent instructor. As a veteran myself, I appreciate the instructor's dedication and commitment to assisting veterans with their service-connected disabilities.

Barry G.
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Very good use of citations to illustrate points.

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Excellent presentation! Very knowledgeable.

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Lots of stuff. Could have an entire course on this. Recommending a particular book on the process would be good

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Excellent program

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Excellent presenter, great content, including practical information as well as law.

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really good

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This course is an eye opener on the outrageous way our Vets are treated. Very troubling.

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Excellent course!

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Excellent Presenter

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good course for those involved in this area

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Good presentation. Answering questions from viewers was helpful.

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Excellent choice to hold both seminars on the same day. I look forward to using this in the future to represent veterans.

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Eric did a very nice job

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Excellent presentation for such limited time!