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An Overview of the Various Protections Provided by Intellectual Property Laws


Created on December 13, 2016




Intellectual property may be the most valuable asset of your company. In today's digital world, protection of that intellectual property has become extraordinarily complex and sophisticated. Join attorney Steven Rubin as he provides an overview on how to protect your intangible assets through the following:

Utility Patents – how to obtain and maintain protection of inventions that have utilitarian functions;

Design Patents – how to obtain and maintain protections of new designs;

Copyright – how to protect works of authorship;

Trademark – protection of marks, symbols or slogans used to identify the origin of goods or services;

Cybersecurity – what documentation is needed to limit legal liability in the event of a data breach; and

Trade Secrets - what protections are available for information that is valuable because it is kept confidential and what everyone needs to know about the Defend Trade Secrets Act. 

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Understand the value of a company's intellectual property
  2. Identify the complexities of protecting that intellectual property
  3. Discuss the various types of intellectual property protections listed above

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