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An Overview of the Upcoming U.S. Supreme Court 2021-22 Term

1h 2m

Created on September 24, 2021





This program, taught by attorney Patrick Edaburn, will examine the upcoming 2021-22 Supreme Court Session with a look at some of the key cases they have agreed to hear along with those that are most likely to come before the Court.

The course will provide a brief background of the upcoming cases and will examine the possible outcomes of each case. The program will also draw from previous similar cases to provide analysis and predictions of how the Court might rule in the coming term.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the key cases the Court will hear in the 2021-22 session

  2. Review how the Court has decided similar cases in the past

  3. Draw from similar cases to predict how the Court might rule on the upcoming cases

  4. Discuss how the coming rulings might impact the law overall and the impact they will have on society at large

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