An Attorney's Guide to Ethically Advising Start-Ups: 2015 Update

Production Date: December 11, 2015 Practice Areas: Ethics and Business, Corporate, & Securities Law Estimated Length: 3729 minutes


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The world of start-ups is an extremely exciting area of practice in which the clients generally require quite a bit of individualized attention as they try to establish and grow their fledgling companies.  


This course, led by attorney Todd Kulkin, is designed for both start-up lawyers and those looking to enter the start-up world. Here, he provides the tools needed to navigate the myriad of ethical quandaries inherent to this type of practice. After all, in such a specialized field - one in which connections are everything - the line between ethically safe and ethically problematic opportunities is a fine one. 


Learning Objectives:

I.     Network on your client’s behalf without a conflict of interest 

II.    Identify potential ethical pitfalls in the search for capital 

III.   Determine if and when it is right to accept equity in your client’s company

IV.   Represent competitors without creating friction with each client  

V.    Understand “confidentiality”

VI.   Advise start-ups at conferences and other events without incurring liability 

VII.  Navigate ethical issues in consulting for your clients



Steve S.
delray beach, FL

Informative especially about ny ethics nuances

Gregory J.
Lawrenceville, NJ

Excellent presentation. Great advice.

Christine M.
Brooklyn, NY

excellent presentation

Theodore J.
Philadelphia, PA

The presenter was excellent.

Jane C.
Smithtown, NY

Great program, great presenter!

Steven H.
Plantation, FL

great advise for anyone working with start-ups. I will watch this one twice.

Rondal M.

Very thorough. Dealt both with model rules and NY rules where many just give NY information.

Kris W.
Charlotte, NC

Very concise and stuck to the topic, well-presented.

Ron V.
Greenwood Vil, CO

Very good course. Highly recommended.

Joseph H.
Cranston, RI

Good speaker

Kristin H.
Pasadena, CA

Very informative. Thanks!

Alexander M.
Sanger, CA

Best presenter I have seen on LawLIne.

Maria C.
Manhattan, NY

Excellent presentation. Todd was succinct and provided useful information. I hope to work with him one day!

Paul A.
Colorado Springs, CO

Excellent presentation on an interesting and current topic

Cheryl G.
Princeton Junction, NJ

Great presentation!

Phyllis C.
new suffolk, NY

Very useful followup.

Marcus P.
Bozeman, MT

Todd was a great lecturer and kept me very engaged on the subject, particularly as I run my own practice with a focus on nonprofits and startups.

Don J.
Belvedere Tiburon, CA

engaging speaker, fast, practical

Russ R.
Brighton, CO

Without a doubt, your best presenter.


Excellent, informative presentation

Harris J.
Manhattan, NY

very well presented

Joseph R.
New Haven, CT

very comprehensive

Darryl S.
Tustin, CA

Excellent presentation.

george h.
Crawfordville, FL

It is my opinion that the speaker of this course was well-organized in the presentation of the subject matter. Thank you.

Michael B.
Seattle, WA

different from my practice but very interesting and helpful on conflicts and ethics

Paul R.
White Plains, NY

speaker was good

Jonathan L.
New City, NY

Great presentation.

Rhonda R.
Memphis, TN

I really enjoyed the enthusiasm this presenter has for his area of expertise.

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Great presentation and engaging speaker. Well organized.

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Excellent presentation

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Littleton, CO

Great presentation. Very engaging speaker who concisely presented the material.

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New York, NY

Excellent presentation

Matthew K.
New York, NY

Well done. Informative. Thank you.

Charles R.
Roswell, GA

fantastic cle!

Rebecca S.
Lakewood, CO

I liked the instructor's practical real life approach.

Jacob S.
Manhattan, NY

Excellent instructor!

Merritte J.
Arlington, VA

Enjoyed the presentation.

Kathryn K.
Arlington, VA

Informative, engaging and useful. The perfect CLE!

Diane K.
Bellevue, TX

Best ethics course I have taken

Melissa M.
North Potomac, MD

The presenter was very good.

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Norfolk, VA

Excellent! Informative.

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Nice course.

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Excellent presentation

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Phoenix, AZ

Great instructor

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Good program.

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Miami, FL

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Arlington, VA

good presenter :)

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Durham, NC

Excellent program

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Casanova, VA

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New York, NY

great focus on startups situations

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Paradise Valley, AZ

Excellent course

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Redondo Beach, CA

Excellent presenter - engaging and knowledgeable.

Bethany K.
Richmond, VA

Great presentation!

Gretchen K.
Yonkers, NY

Mr. Culkin is one of your best presenters. He was so smart and easy to understand. Really a great course!

David Brian R.
Smithtown, NY

Great presentation. Very informative.

Justin B.
Richmond, VA

This presenter was top notch

Richard S.
Los Angeles, CA

Representing a startup means you must take various precautions. This video spelled them out. Thanks, Lawline.

Nathaniel F.
Crofton, MD

Todd was the best presenter so far. Very engaging and his explanations were excellent.

Brittany R.
Orem, UT

Great presentation by Todd. Helpful and concise information.

New York, NY

speaker was clear and knowlegeable

Marian H.
Stillwater, MN

good interesting speaker

Josh N.
Boca Raton, FL

Narrow. Area of the law with great significance

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Salt Lake City, UT


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Northfield, IL

Good lecture.

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Hinsdale, IL

Knowledgable & engaging

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Top notch and, for me, especially timely.

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Practical information succinctly delivered. Useful program.

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Washington, DC


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Los Angeles, CA

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Calabasas, CA

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Audrey B.
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Richard R.
Chesterton, IN

Excellent information!

Steven G.
Farmington Hills, MI

very interesting subject

Douglas W.
New York, NY

need more like this

Richard C.
Chicago, IL

Very good presentation.Todd gave a great deal of information in a short time, but you must pay attention, or he'll get past you.

Derek W.
Shelbyville, KY

The presenter was excellent, probably the best I've seen on lawline. It goes to show one does not have to be advanced in years in order to present a meaningful value added CLE.

Marshall V.
Greenport, NY

Good instructive program.

Andrew M.
Princeton, NJ

Great lecturer!

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Saint Johns, FL

Excellent content review

Jamie L.
Aspen, CO

This was an incredible presentation. Extremely informative!

Anthony P.
Williamsville, NY

great course, informative, real life examples. A must see.

Megan M.
Asheville, NC

Excellent speaker

Richard G.
Vienna, VA

A good introductory overview, and well-presented by a talented speaker. NY-centric, but still valuable for practitioners outside NY.

James E.
Las Vegas, NV

I enjoyed the positive, enthusiastic presentation by Mr. Kulkin.

Steven S.
Davis, CA

I love startups and this class was just what i needed to know in a very fluid area that isn't always clearcut.

Eve G.
Brooklyn, NY

Great speaker! Very engaging.

Larry S.

Excellent presentation.

Rick R.
Roswell, GA

Nice summary of issues

james c.
Jersey City, NJ

Nice guy, nice job.

Lauren M.
Williamsburg, VA

Excellent presentation.

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White Plains, NY

Strong presenter and laid out a complex area of law nicely. A very realistic approach to representing/participating in new company ideas. Great lecture

Derek M.
Bristol, TN

Very good speaker, and very interesting topic.

Emily Z.
Cambridge, MA

Again. Todd is great.

Lance T.
Sunnyvale, CA

This was an AWESOME lecture.

Theodore L.
Waterbury, VT

Ethics plus startups means, for most of us, many new legal and factual issues, plus visiting or revisiting ethics provisions. Lecture deftly and clearly introduced these, and practice pointers (how to explain no referral fees to a sales person) helped a lot.

claude w.
Richmond, VA

he is good

Michael N.
San Ramon, CA

This course made ethics interesting yet down to earth, excellent presentation.

Cheryl K.
Charlotte, NC

really like this speaker and content. one of th best yet.

John N.
Mill Valley, CA

Great course, really well presented.

Vanessa O.
Sarasota, FL

it would be so great if every presenter had this much enthusiasm!

Norman S.
Glen Cove, NY


Jeffrey S.
Menlo Park, CA

Very good speaker.

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Rochester, NY

Excellent presentation.

Raymond A.
Orlando, FL


Kevin S.
Nyack, NY

Strong showing, thank you.

Benjamin G.
Fairfax Station, VA

I don't really practice this area of the law but am ver interested in the entrepreneurial community and this seminar was very good.. Thanks

Thomas F.
Peconic, NY


Beverly R.
Apex, NC

Excellent speaker

Marc H.
Morganville, NJ

This was interesting and informative.

Benjamin L.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Instructor was very effective and seemed to be more entehusiasteic than some of the others.

Max K.
New York, NY

Outstanding course!

Jeffrey F.
Harrison, NY

very good presentation even for the seasoned attorney

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West Palm Beach, FL

Amazing and comprehensive intro to start ups!

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Moraga, CA

Todd was fantastic!!

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Melville, NY

excellent faculty

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Washington, DC

Thank you for this superb program -- clear, well-organized, and thorough.

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Very relatable speaker and easy to understand.

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Practical, straight forward

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Brightwaters, NY

This was a great intro to an area that has incredible opportunities but gets little attention.

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Hamburg, NJ

Interesting combo of ethics and how to do business.

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Great program and very informative. Thank you.

Karina C.
Ponce, na


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Mount Bethel, PA

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Westminster, CA

The illustration concerning taking equity in exchange for legal services was helpful.

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Good lecturer - well prepared; great speaker. Life is good SAK

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Arlington, VA

Some things I hadn't thought about.

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Annandale, VA

This was a very worthwhile program.

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Boca Raton, FL

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simple-direct-competent-cogent--one of your best

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Washington, DC

This guy is great!!!

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good info

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Wilton, CT

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Haymarket, VA

Great Course.

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Fairfax, VA

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Arlington, VA


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Alexandria, VA

Fun and informative course.

Chris B.
Washington, DC

Very helpful. I do a lost of startup work in Virginia and it is good to know where the hard lines are.

Frank B.
Ashburn, VA

Very well done and very substantive, particularly for small firm attorneys.

Terri A.
Richmond, VA

excellent presentation...easy to listen to and highly recommend...great content

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Well done.

Lois S.
San Antonio, TX

Relevant, interesting and well-paced.

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Carefree, AZ

Very ebullient, knowledgeable speaker.

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Charlottesville, VA

Excellent presentation on a topic that is not often reviewed in detail for those who practice with start-ups and early stage venture enterprises. Great program.

Yvenne K.
Ashburn, VA

Excellent presentation and speaker on an area that's often boring. Thank you!!

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New York, NY

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Chatham, NY

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New York, NY

The instructor was very knowledgeable - I learned a great deal about this subject.

La Jolla, CA

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Golden, CO

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Houston, TX

Mr. Kulkin is always a good presenter.

Laila H.
Springfield, MO

very confident and informative speaker

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Salt Lake City, UT

Good job. He hit on a lot of issues I'm faced within in a similar small practice for start-ups.

Eugene A C.
Herndon, VA

Concise, on-point, and well presented.

Hon. John D.
Manhattan, NY

Engaging speaker with great content

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Salt Lake City, UT

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Lakeway, TX

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Alexandria, VA

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spotsylvania, VA

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Denver, CO

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Portland, OR

Fantastic instructor. I'd refer my friends in New York to him.

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Brandon, MS


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Brooklyn, NY

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Loren P.
Wayne, NJ

Excellent Speaker

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Mundelein, IL

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Park Ridge, IL

As a veteran transactional attorney, let me say that Todd Kulkin is spot-on with his practical advice.

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Richmond, VA

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Houston, TX

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Mentor, OH

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Queens, NY

i liked this CLE. Speaker was engaging.

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North Little Rock, AR

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Bryn Mawr, PA

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Richard T.
Seattle, WA

An especially excellent presentation b/c speaker spoke to practical issues as well as technical ethical issues and the 1 hr. went fast but thoroughly.

Sarah S.
Marietta, GA

I thought this speaker was well-informed and the content was helpful; however, I felt this was more of a beginning/overview course. I regularly advise veteran-owned small businesses that are starting work in the federal arena, and I found that I knew most of this content already (though it was good for peace of mind to confirm!).

Fred V.
Eastvale, CA


Catherine W.
Springville, UT

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Niceville, FL

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Silver Spring, MD

great course... instructor held my attention

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Edina, MN

The presentation was helpful in identifying the ethical issues and other issues that I run into when representing a start-up.

Lee H.
Arlinghton heights, IL

Great presentation relating to Rules of Professional Conduct with great insights regarding precautions and concerns of potential conflicts or violation of the Rules!!! His work regarding start-ups sounds impressive--he certainly must be very successful in handling new businesses!!! And his delivery was great!!!

Richard C.
Virginia Beach, VA

Thank you.

Steven B.
Chicago, IL

Good speaker. Good presentation.

Joseph C.
Ashburn, VA


Kelvin B.
Chicago, IL

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Oak Park, IL

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Middlesex, NJ

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Kenosha, WI

Thorough, articulate coverage. Excellent!

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Algonquin, IL

This was really well-presented and informative. Presenter kept my attention and I learned a lot. Great examples and references.

Laura V.
Woodside, NY

Excellent speaker

Jin L.
Edina, MN

The new website is so much better. Good job, lawline.

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Wesmont, IL

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Houston, TX


Marvin Gerald G.
New York, NY

One of your best speakers.

Jaime Alejandro T.
Houston, TX

Very good program, impressive learning for a one hour course.

Andrew P.
Lawndale, CA

Great speaker and presentation. Please ask the presenter to do additional presentations on this area of law. Thank you!

Kathryn K.
Lolo, MT

Enjoyable presentation of good information.

Tanja P.
Chicago, IL

Speaker was very good.

Louis t. A.
Wilmette, IL

Speaker was wonderful...full of energy and passionate about subject matter. Perhaps tried to hit on too many themes for such a short presentation.

jason d.
Sanborn, NY

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Little Elm, TX

Knowledgeable presenter, interesting material.

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Beverly Hills, CA

Quite good!

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Woodbridge, VA

Very good job explaining basics related to representing start ups and ethical responsibilities. Very informative.

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Washington, DC

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Atlanta, GA

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McAllen, TX

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Albuquerque, NM

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new haven, CT

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Flossmoor, IL

A lot provided in a short time span. I would recommend an expanded version! Nonetheless an excellent presentation.

Chris K.
Dallas, TX

The speaker was very clear and effective.

Benjamin S.
Allen, TX

Good attorney. Practical and informative presentation. Have viewed other presentations in the past and he is always spot on.

Nicholas K.
Manhattan, NY

great speaker

Kenneth C.
Hoboken, NJ

Excellent overall.

Dennis G.

Great course for a beginner to get his or her bearings.

Samantha E.
Los Angeles, CA

The presenter is really engaging. I've enjoyed many of his presentations.

Luis M.
Asheville, NC

Great presentation all around. Entertaining presenter.

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Oakmont, PA

Excellent presentation. All CLEs should be this good!

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Pasadena, CA

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Bangor, PA

Well presented, informative, and enjoyable course.

Harold F.
Chicago, IL

Best Lawline seminar I've taken yet. Fast and very informative.

Greg K.
Jersey City, NJ

Clearly the speaker knows this world well.

Peter S.
Berwyn, IL

Frankly, one of the most practical and enjoyable CLEs I have seen in a while.

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Park Ridge, IL

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Malibu, CA

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Bronx, NY

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Armonk, NY

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Kildeer, IL

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Palo Alto, CA

one of the best ethics seminars I've seen

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New york, NY


Brian F.
Oakland, CA

One of the better courses on Lawline. Todd is articulate and gets through a lot of material in an efficient manner.

James B.
Huntington, NY

Excellent Presentation. Would like to take an extended version of this course- make it 2 credits.

Patricia W.
Cranford, NJ

Witty and kept my interest throughout the presentation

Raymond L.
Middletown, NJ

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san francisco, CA

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New York, NY

Speaker really made it interesting and in efficient manner.

Jonathan B.

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Seattle, WA

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Edmonds, WA


Joann M.
Princeton, NJ

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Santa Monica, CA

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Minneapolis, MN

unusually good speaker, communicated well, expressed nuance about topic

Philip S.
New Orleans, LA

One of the best CLE courses that I have taken. If Todd has any other courses, could you please direct me to them.

Hackensack, NJ

Another good speaker ... Thanks!

Beth S.
Redmond, WA

The presenter is excellent - really enjoyed it

Kirk C.
Austin, TX

Nice presentation