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Advertising & Promotion of Drugs Part III (Update)

1h 5m

Created on February 14, 2017




As 21st century medical and technological innovation gain momentum, the FDA and FTC race to keep up. In the final segment of the three-part series, the focus will be on regulatory and compliance changes surrounding flashpoints like the use of social media and press releases in an era when non-experts use digital technology to report ahead of the official news cycle.

The third and final course in this series, led by attorney Dominck DiSabatino and regulatory expert Jennifer Stohlmann, will update participants on hot topics in the expanding burden of compliance while outlining classes of exempt communications.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the problems inherent in advertising drugs via social media platforms
  2. Identify the compliance regulations applying to communications with the consumer

  3. Address the tension between the regulatory bodies  

  4. Discuss the two major types of exempt communication, help-seeking/disease awareness ads and scientific exchange  

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