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Advanced M&A Transactions in the Government Contracting Industry

1h 1m

Created on October 13, 2017




The current state of the market presents new and exciting opportunities and challenges for M&A in the government contracting sector. However, transactions involving government contracting businesses present unique and complex issues that need to be managed through the diligence, valuation, and documentation phases of the transaction. Acquisitions of government contracting targets present specialized questions related to structuring the transaction, formulating representations and warranties, dealing with confidential information, and relevant government regulations.

This course, presented by Michael Gold of Saul Ewing LLP, focuses on the particular issues raised in M&A transactions related to targets with significant government contracting businesses. The course will compare the issues that arise in M&A in the government contracting sector to the standard M&A deals; explain the typical issues and processes involved in transactions involving government contracting targets; and discuss various due diligence, structuring, and negotiating considerations for such transactions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze trends in M&A in the government contracting sector, and more general M&A trends
  2. Review unique aspects in negotiating and managing deals in the government contracting space
  3. Identify the hurdles that acquisitions of government contracting targets must confront
  4. Examine the various perspectives of buyers and sellers in government contracting transactions
  5. Discuss specific regulatory issues that often arise related to M&A transactions with government contracting targets

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