Accountant Liability

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Produced on: January 03, 2017

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Time 93 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

In this course, Mr. Lennon, an attorney and C.P.A with McEldrew Young, discusses theories of Accountants’ Liability from both the Plaintiff and Defense perspectives. Discussions include liability under Federal Statutes, Common Law, and also exposure to liability related to Regulatory Actions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand accountants’ exposure to liability under Federal Statutes
  2. Explore exposure to liability under Common Law
  3. Examine exposure to liability related to Regulatory Actions


Peter Lennon

McEldrew Young

Peter A. Lennon’s career has been devoted to cases involving complex financial issues for many years.  In addition to being an Attorney at Law and a Professor of Economics, he is also a Certified Public Accountant with extensive Auditing and Taxation experience and has a Masters Degree in Finance.  He works as a Lawyer, Forensic Investigator and Litigation Consultant for firms and regulators.


Tom H.

Very effective presentation.

Jennifer F.

great topic, great speaker

Robert C.

This is a very good presentation for someone who is needing to learn more about accountant's liability and/or to get an update on more recent cases.

Andrea W.

Outstanding speaker.

Patricia F.

Well delivered

Ron S.

This Instructor was especially good. He didn't just teach from the Power Points. Excellent

Arthur R.

Professor Lennon did an excellent job of presenting material in a very difficult to understand area.

Donald W.

very informative.

Dwight B.


Julie A. B.

A wonderful primer on accountant liability. Excellent, exhaustive, engaging and enlightening. One mark of a good program is that it makes one perceive things in a new way. Lennon, a talented speaker, succeeds in that goal. This outstanding program is catnip for anyone practicing in this arena. It delivers material from the speaker’s unique perspective – attorney, litigation consultant, professor of economics, certified public accountant, forensic investigator.

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