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A New Practitioner's Guide to Handling a Custody Case: From Client Meeting to Preparing for Trial


Created on October 06, 2016




This course is intended for attorneys new to the practice of Family Law. Learn how to navigate a custody case from the initial client meeting to getting your case ready for trial. This is a great course for new attorneys, those inexperienced in the field of Family Law or just for the attorneys who need some practical guidance and confidence.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Learn the questions to ask your client at the initial meeting
  2. Discover how to evaluate the strength of your case before you take it on
  3. Examine how to structure your fees
  4. Learn what to do to prepare for the first court date
  5. Learn what to say in court and what not to say
  6. Explore what to expect from the Attorneys for the Child
  7. Learn how to get reports and evidence you need to support your client

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