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A Guide to Leasing Law Firm Space in the Current NYC Real Estate Market (Update)

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Produced on November 14, 2017

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Course Information

Time 56m
Difficulty Beginner
Topics covered in this course: Real Estate Law Practice Management

Course Description

Successfully leasing law firm space involves keeping up with evolving trends in the market, and a deeper understanding of the nuances of legal firms’ needs. The rise of modern technology has sparked a change in the real estate market. Law firms want the feel of their space to reflect this trend, and look for offices with a tech feel - natural light with many windows, high ceilings, and open seating areas. For industries more traditional by nature, this is a drastic shift from the space needs of decades past, and the legal industry is no exception.

For legal space, the firm must navigate the straitlaced, traditional nature of the business with the “cool” factor that clients want. As the hub of the legal industry, this is especially important in New York City. This program, taught by Bert Rosenblatt, a Principal at Vicus Partners LLC, and Jonathan Twombly, the President and a Managing Member of Two Bridges Asset Management, LLC, will examine the end-to-end process of navigating this tricky balance for clients, and highlight the emerging trends that shape the process along the way.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss recent changes in the NYC commercial real estate market, including common pitfalls for tenants
  2. Review location and zoning issues
  3. Negotiate the Lease: Important Considerations
  4. Assess the implications of the “Good Guy” Guaranty
  5. Survey the requirements for green and LEED certified buildings

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Bertram Rosenblatt

Vicus Partners

Born and raised in Manhattan, Bert Rosenblatt is the co-founder of Vicus Partners, a commercial real estate firm dedicated exclusively to representing tenants. Bert and Vicus have proudly represented hundreds of firms in New York City ranging from start-ups and small businesses to Fortune 500 clients, including General Assembly, GE Capital, Assembled Brands, & Patek Philippe. 

Bert is on the Board of Leadership Enterprise For A Diverse America (LEDA), a member of Entrepreneurs Organization , United Jewish Association’s Tech Board, The Business Owners Council, & REBNY. He’s also a contributor to Eye to Eye, a non-profit organization focused on youth mentoring programs for dyslexic children.

Bert is an avid runner and squash player, and lives in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn with his wife Varsha, daughter Damini and son Dagan.

Jonathan Twombly

Two Bridges Asset Management LLC

Mr. Twombly is President and Managing Member of Two Bridges Asset Management LLC. Before founding Two Bridges, he was a partner in the real estate investment firm TRB Investment Group LLC. He began his career as a lawyer and spent over a decade practicing in American Lawyer Top 100 firms, where he focused on real estate and hospitality matters.

Mr. Twombly holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard College and a law degree from Columbia University School of Law. He currently serves as a member of the board of directors of the Harvard Alumni Real Estate Organization, Inc., a non-profit.


Stuart S.

Excellent discussion of good gray guarantees and led certified buildings

Peter F.

A very interesting trip through the big money world of NY leases. Wow.

Jane O.

Very informative and insightful

William B.

Very practical and very useful.

Thomas S.

very interesting

Silvia B.

Excellent Presentation



Baruch G.

Great course!

Robert B.

one of the most practical lectures I've heard on lawline and rather interesting

William S.

Very Useful

Steven B.

guy knows his stuff

Larry S.

very interesting and well done.

Gabrielle P.

Found the lecturers very knowledgeable and very much enjoyed the session.

Michael V.

Very useful. Hope they do this again this year.

William J L.

Excellent. I am currently looking to renew my office lease, so this program was very helpful.. Mr. Rosenblatt was very helpful and to the point.

lori l.

Excellent speaker, practical information

Carl K.

Really excellent insights into Manhattan commercial real estate market!

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