A Client's Guide to Patent Litigation

Production Date: November 03, 2014 Practice Areas: Intellectual Property Law and Patent Law Estimated Length: 3609 minutes


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Clients today need to be involved in their patent litigation; they cannot merely leave it to outside counsel.  Clients not only need to make informed decisions regarding settlement but they also need to help develop the theories of the case and the facts to support those theories.


To be involved, a client needs to understand the issues. They need to understand the substance and the procedures.  They need to understand the basics of how a patent case is won or lost and the special procedures of patent cases, such as Markman Hearings.


This seminar presented by Carlton Fields Jorden Burt partner Ethan Horwitz reviews the fundamentals of patent law - not a detailed legal analysis, but the basics of which a client should be aware.  It also reviews the steps of a patent case, what unique issues arise in patent litigation and how it differs from a typical litigation.


As a client, you know the company and the facts better than outside counsel.  This seminar enables you to participate in the litigation as a partner with litigation counsel.  As a client, you also know the business issues better than outside counsel.  This seminar enables you to evaluate settlement with a first-hand knowledge of the case; a first-hand knowledge of the good points and the bad.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand the steps of a patent case

II.    Identify procedural considerations in patent cases

III.   Evaluate settlement options for a case

IV.   Participate in a patent litigation case with outside counsel


George M.
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Highly informative.

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Great presentation!

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Thank you!

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Excellent presentation

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Lansdale, PA

Concise overview of patent litigation process

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Thorough an informative.

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The course is good for both general and patent practitioners

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very helpful. Straightforward and easy to understand.

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